Saturday, May 17, 2008

For those of you who hate when I make fun of the South...

Here's one in my part of the country...just a few hours away in Idaho.

"Canyon is a 15 year old "proven" producer of colored, versitle, good minded offspring. He's black & white stands 15:2 hands and weighs 1,100 lbs. He is broke to ride and has competed in Teampenning, Endurance trail(up to 75 miles)pleasure trail, parades and much more! Both stallions posses exceptional movement, excellent bone and hooves! And Cataloma has a very long thick mane & tail! * shipped cooled fresh semen and natural in-hand breeding and E-Z breeding terms available on both stallions. Phone:(208)267-1663<>Touch O'Glory Appaloosas web<>"

ENOUGH ALREADY. It is a stallion, not playground equipment! I'm glad he is quiet but it doesn't make him into a stuffed toy that's safe for the kids to play on.

Somewhere, TRUST ME, there is SOMETHING that CAN and WILL spook him.
What happens when a bee buzzes up his butt? Or the neighbor decides it's a good time to shoot at beer cans in the backyard? Hell, you might have a goat take off dragging a tire by a chain. It happens, trust me. ;-)

I actually like your little horse. As foundation appies go, and longtime readers know they aren't exactly my favorites, I can live with this one. (I like your three year old stallion even more. Your three year old might be the cutest and best put-together foundation appy stallion I have come across so far). I'm glad he's well broke and does a lot under saddle. I'm impressed that you ride him regularly. But folks, I cannot get past the brainless lack of concern for the kids here! And your web site is just as bad. Please explain why there are pictures of an ADULT rider with a helmet, but somehow you can, in the same universe, think two kids bareback on a loose horse is okay?

There's a lot about God on your web site. Do you think He has formed an invisible force field around your children's skulls to protect them? Or do you think perhaps He might want you to use some good judgment and put helmets on them and, you know, maybe even SOME tack on the horse?

I really want to like you people. Your Appies do endurance and cow events and trail rides. You aren't just mindlessly breeding and never training. Your horses are good weight and look well cared for. Your young stock look better than your old stock, conformationally, so you appear to actually be improving your breed! Why must you force me to feature you on this page by putting up these bad parent du jour grand prize winner pictures?

In other news, Big Brown won the Preakness...and nobody died today! Yay! You know, I hope he stays sound to finish his racing career and I hope a long and happy retirement is ahead of him and, looking at those damn feet, I also hope he's sterile.