Thursday, May 15, 2008

My name is Morgan, and I'm an Asshat!

GORGEOUS Arabian Mare! (Lake Oswego )Reply to:

Date: 2008-05-14, 3:45PM PDT

Seray is a 17 year old Purebred Arabian mare. She is a bay with with blaze and 4 white sock. Seray has the most wonderful disposition and is gentle towards everyone and everything. Unfortuantly, she now has a suspensory tear in her left hind leg and is no longer able to be ridden (in a couple more months she may be suitable for young chlidren trail riding at a walk or slow trot)I had been showing her throughout Washington and Oregon in Hunter/Jumper shows she was competing at 2'9". We left her in the wrong care while we were away and she was injured. WE REALLY NEED TO GET HER TO A NICE HOME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We can no longer afford to keep her as a pet or halter horse. Seray loads, baths, clips and ties wonderfully. I would like to have her in the area. She would make a exellent halter horse and is great with children of all ages. Maybe even broodmare...PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL OR PHONE THNAKS MORGAN

Hi Morgan,

You can show all over Washington and Oregon in H/J shows but you cannot afford retirement pasture board for your mare that got fucked up because YOU, as you admit, left her in the "wrong care?" I CALL BULLSHIT. I know a ton of places in the $150-$175 per month range around here. That is one horseshow. Shit that is probably LESS than one horseshow. Go to one less horseshow, and take care of your mare THAT GOT RUINED BECAUSE OF YOUR BAD DECISION. Why is this someone else's problem? Why should someone ELSE have to foot the bill? Look in the mirror, Morgan. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Grow UP, you spoiled little shit.

By the way, it is VERY HARD to cry poor and then note in your post that you (and/or your mare) are in LAKE-FUCKING-OSWEGO, the MOST expensive place you can LIVE in Oregon! YOU ARE NOT POOR!

Shit, I don't have that much sympathy for people who ARE poor and post ads like this, but when you do it, Morgan, showing your expensive trailer and noting your expensive residence, it really makes my head explode.

Two things:

1. If YOU do not love your now-crippled, older horse enough to take care of her, why do you think someone ELSE will?

2. If you can ride your way out of a paper bag, it is NOT HARD to find another horse to show for the season. The world is full of people who are older/injured, do not jump anymore, etc. who would LOVE for someone young and athletic to show their horse for the season. There are tons of horses that need show experience and mileage. Many horses are for sale and need to be conditioned and shown to sell at a good price. There are horses who just need to be schooled by someone confident before their less confident owner takes them around, or worked down before a young child shows them later in the day. Opportunities to ride are everywhere. I have never had trouble finding horses to ride or show. They are thrown at me and I'll bet many of you have the exact same experiences. If you have a horse who has become injured, just show someone else's horse if you can't afford two. (Yes, I know some breed associations have stupid rules where you have to own what you show if you're an amateur - but that is the exception to the rule and you can always show whatever you want at the open shows.)

Oh, and this may indeed be an Arabian, but if it is, it is one of the most common-headed ones I have ever seen. It does not need to be a broodmare. Not that age 17 is the optimum time to start that career, anyway!

Here's another ad showing the mare's pedigree and real name, for those of you interested. And another. Boy is she trying hard to ditch this mare!