Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

I typed that and then realized I know someone with a horse named that...LOL.

Anyway, yes, I am having too busy of a day to really blog. Just a few notes:

1. If you haven't already told me where you'd like me to re-route your donation to Colin's rescue, please fill me in. I am settling down to do the accounting this evening and send payments off to the other rescues and it just makes more sense if we can get it all done at once. Again, he was adopted and fully paid for so 100% of your donations will be going either (your choice) back to you, to SAFE or Cowgirl Spirit, or to another rescue of your choice. And the surprise Colin news is coming...I will fill you in by evening. ;-)

2. I don't know if the draft stallion yesterday was a real story or not. It is hard to say. The scary part is you can't tell the ones that are poking fun at the idiots from the real idiots anymore -they pretty much read the same! If we find anything out, I will let you know. I admit a part of me would like to rescue him just to have the Ginormous Gelding blog...LOL.

3. If you haven't checked it out lately, I've added a lot of links to the Very Large Colt blog for other folks who are starting to blog about their training and riding experiences. We have some great, entertaining writers out there. Please check out those other blogs - you will enjoy! And I truly do recommend blogging to help you get motivated to put that work in on your horses. The moral support from others helps A LOT.

Have a good day and more later...