Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun Friday Question!

Since we all know horsepeople are cray-zee (just not us. We're ok. And our friends are ok. But the rest...they are nuts.) ...

What is the WEIRDEST thing that someone in the horse world has gotten mad at you for?

A rescuer friend shared with me that she had someone get very angry with her for not properly acknowledging their contribution in armchair-diagnosing the health condition of a new rescue on the Internet. The person had not seen the horse in person, they just happened to make a lucky guess. When a vet confirmed the horse did indeed have the physical malady referenced, the person got highly annoyed that the vet got all the credit when clearly they were the one who had brilliantly, amazingly, accurately diagnosed the horse ... via the Internet.

We had a good laugh about that and I thought back to some of the weird things I have seen horse people get their panties in a bunch about. I have seen hysterical fits over "stealing" someone's horse's barn name or potential foal name, "copying" their stable colors, and even "copying" their riding career (WAH! I switched to dressage and now SHE switched to dressage! She does everything I do!). Then there's always the unpardonable sin of successfully retraining and making successful a horse that Suzy Big Shot Trainer failed with - especially if you are an ammie or a no-name - you will be up shit creek and get badmouthed and gossipped about forever for that one!

So what is the WEIRDEST, most totally ILLOGICAL thing someone in horses has gotten mad at you for? These should be some good stories!

Our Friday Featured Rescue is Texas. This big 17.3 galoot is at Gentle Giants rescue in Maryland. He is described as an extremely solid and safe trail horse, perfect for a hubby or for an extra horse for visitors/beginners. He takes a lot of leg in the arena (no, really? LOL...) but loves to go out on the trails. For those of you who have a big hubby who needs to be introduced to the joys of riding so that he will stop bitching about the price of you go! And hey, this is a FOB-saved horse that actually EXISTS and is at a GOOD rescue and is being WORKED WITH, so hooray! See, not all of your money went to con artists. You guys just need to be picky about where your $$ goes.

The Colin update for those of you who are in love, is that his potential new owners are coming to meet him tonight. So hopefully we'll have some good news very soon about a lifetime home for Mr. Colin after all that he has been through!