Saturday, May 24, 2008

Everybody still got some of that brain bleach on hand?

ABC news story about the alleged theft of Capone I.

"the local sheriff's office has not yet determined whether a crime was committed and even suggested it might know the location of the horse. "

ROTFL. Run, Forrest, Run!

Whoever has this horse and is keeping him away from Pervy McPervert, you win the FHOTD Medal of Honor!

P.S. Doug, since I know you're reading, I have been "outspoken, controversial and acerbic" too, and it does not result in people alleging I have sex with animals. THAT ONLY HAPPENS TO YOU, and it's because you were a dumbass and posted all over the net about your activities, in disgustingly graphic detail, with far too much identifiable information making it easy to prove you were, indeed, "Fausty." Not to mention that telltale I.P. snail trail...Oh, and the affiliation with Fier D'etre Zoo that you put on your Zoom Info page is awesome, too. For those who aren't bilingual in French, that phrase translates as "Trust to be Zoo." Yeah. No shit. You freak.