Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am starting to think they are all attention whores...

and they are deliberately trying to be featured on this blog!

For example, check out this ad from Circle P Farms of Summit, Missouri. Boy, you'd think that just by luck alone, she'd get more words right than this!

Angle, Black And White Paint For Sale in Mississippi $ 900 (Negotiable) these 10 year old is great for kids of all ages nice neck raining all a rownd good horse has been shown pleasher team pind on and lots and lots of trail rideing on her also has been taken to birthday partys she is in the best shap of her life stands tided stands for shoer these mare has got a very very nice bilt i have used these horse to pony other horses please call if you are trouly looking for a great horse these horse is not under waight she is very fat she does not bite or kick can hall up on request for a extra 100.00 will breed to our black and white stud these mare has had a baby be for

Man, I bet that $100 stud fee stud is a looker! I have $100 that says he's hideozygous for sure!

Hey, she trains, too! Now, don't hurt yourselves running to sign your horses up!

brake,trane, western ridding and timed events in USA/Canada in Training --> Horse Training I sale horses, give lessons starting at 15.00.I also rint out horses for partys and such.I hall horses for you. training starting 300.00 for 30 days that duss not in cloud days I miss that is 30 days me working him.Shows dont count. if i suply feed that is a extra 50.00.We have a larger circle pen.Show are starting back up the first to were rained out and rebooked.for 3 years i trained horses from my home. thin for 2 years i worked at F&M Stabbles training i started horses to retired horses I train any horse that has the abilaty to learn. My refrinces upon request please call for apontment

Moving on...

Look it's Old McDonald...on crack! What species don't these people have? Of course they are now trying to ditch their entire herd of TWH's for one low, low bargain price. What is with these "take 'em all for X dollars" price deals? I never saw this even five years ago.

It's never surprising when people who do dumb things with horses also lack skills in other areas of life. Witness this comment from some dingbat on the forum whose 27 year old Arabian mare of completely unremarkable breeding is in foal to her 26 year old AQHA stallion. (I will say that I like the stallion's breeding, but we're breeding him to an ancient mare...why?)

"I bred her to my 14.3 sorrel QH (same height as Katie) so I will have a 15/16 Arab foal that I will register with the Quarab registry"

And I thought I was bad with math!

Expert Village may have gotten rid of Sarah Stetner, but if this is the best they can do for a western pleasure loping video, it's still pretty sad. Behind the bit, not collected, and NOT pretty!

And something encouraging for those of you disgruntled with the racing industry - a thank you from a breeder who saw their horse on CANTER's web site - and took him back to provide for him for the rest of his life! Ali Fisher and Mr. Murphy - you guys are officially NOT asshats. Kudos to you for doing the right thing for this gelding.

"Just a word of thanks for all that you do (CANTER). I found a baby I bred and foaled back in 2002 named Tar River on your web page and bought him back from his trainer/owner. He arrived on Wednesday morning and has settled in great. It is such a relief to have him safe and sound back home. I am indebted to your organization for all your hard work! When I saw him on the website--and I check all the Canter websites for any of the horses we have bred--I just had to have him back, even if he was going to be a pasture ornament. It was the right thing to do. The thought of him at some point ending up on a trailer bound for Canada or Mexico just makes me sick. Mr. Murphy ([current]owner/trainer) was very understanding and was happy that Tar River would be coming home to me. I have to thank him for not only posting him with you, but giving me the opportunity to get him back. Keep up the good work and please know that Tar River and I truly appreciate it!" ~ Ali Fisher

Now, for those of you looking for an OTTB, I know of one in Wisconsin that needs a home ASAP. He is 17.1 and has a fresh bow that needs to be rested - so you're looking at 3-6 months rest before he can do something, and he is probably too hyped up from the track to go out with others at first. The ideal for a horse like this is a small, safe paddock to start (assume there will be striking if it shares a fenceline - is your fence going to be ok with that?). (I do not subscribe to stall rest for a bow. I just don't think it is the best way, based upon what I've seen) I believe in small turnout - like a round pen or small paddock.) Here he is - e-mail Beth if you can give him the place he needs to rehab and recover. He is a serious looker and I can see him kicking butt in the show ring if he is rehabbed properly. Just 5 years old.

Finally, our Asshat du jour is some creep named Tommy James in Florida. He was starving a whole herd of Arabians. Believe it or not, the vets are saying they should all recover - even the 22 year old mare at left. They are in the care of Hidden Springs Horse Rescue.

All right everybody. I am officially on vacation, like I'm probably not going to blog or anything, until Tuesday. So don't freak out! :-) Turn off the computer, go outside and play with your horses!