Sunday, May 18, 2008

And now a few words from our friend Morgan, the lame horse dumper!

You guys all know how much I love it when the targets of this blog respond. This one is really super special and I know how much all of you will enjoy it, so I am sharing it with you. Yeah, yeah, I know, she's probably a teenager but hey, no time like the present to get a damn clue. My responses, as usual, are in blue.


Well, my name is Cathy Atkinson, and I can spell out those big long three letter words...apparently you've spent too much time texting?

writing all this crap about other people like me!!

That's kind of the purpose of the blog...unfortunately there are a lot of people like you.

Hi i am Morgan the Asshat, nice to meet u, u sound lik a very sweet understanding person...

You sound like you need to pay attention in class and stop texting. Do you really think your future employer is going to understand your inability to spell complicated words like "like?"

WOW u first must have no life!!!

Honey, if I had any more of a life, I'd have to give up sleep entirely.

jus so bored r u maybe some charity work or a JOB!!

What would you like to discuss first, all the time I spend on horse rescue or my three jobs that pay for it?

U have no right to comment on other peoples horse addS!!

Sure I do.

mean u dont even know these people yet the hard situtation they might be in like me for instance

Yes, it's really damn rough down there in Lake Oswego, princess. My old boss lived there, I've familiar with the neighborhood. Poor dear. Can you even go outside at night without a gun?

what you assume:

1) My horse is worthless

No, I actually think your horse is more valuable than you do. I think she's worth you paying for retirement board, after packing your ass around a show ring. You're the one who is throwing her out like the trash.

2) I show a TON

Showing at all is a luxury. That and your location are evidence of the fact that you are not some poor poverty-stricken single mother of six who works at Wal-Mart

3)The trailer she is tied to is MINE

Perhaps not. But still, the ability to show and to rent/pay for hauling in someone's lovely aluminum trailer are evidence you are not poverty stricken. Let me guess, it's your trainer's?

4) I live in LO so i am SUPER rich!

Well, honey, you're not on food stamps, I can tell you that. Even if you guys rent in LO, you are paying plenty. (For readers in other areas, this is an area economically similar to the Gold Coast area of Chicago, Brentwood in Los Angeles, Rosedale in Toronto, etc.)

5) i puprosly knew i was leaving her in BAD care

I never said that. Still, the choice was YOUR choice. Therefore it is YOUR responsibility. She did not escape from her stall in the middle of the night and gallop off to live with someone who took poor care of her.

So, lets creal this all up number one for u

WTF is creal?

, my horse is amzaing! i resuced her from a camp where she had been for 16 years of her life

It is not a rescue unless you rescue it for life. You are ditching her on Craigslist because she can no longer be ridden. You are not allowed to use the R word. If she's so amazing, why isn't that enough reason to pay for her retirement board and love her whether you can ride her or not? I guess amazing just ain't good enough!

brought her here taught her to jump be polite and show i leased her for 9 months she was great then we brought her we owned her for 2 weeks then we took a trip to mexico and left her in the care of the LOH riding school to be used in lessons turned out every day and feed. While, we were gone she was taken adcatage of we would not have ever let this happen if we knew, they used her i 2 or three lessons a day but then to make it all worse my 14.3 hand pony was ridden and jumped 2' 6" by probably a 315 pound WOMAN!!! So cut the crap on IT WAS OUR FAULT!!! do u think i wold let that happen!!

OK let's review:

1. You gave permission for her to be used in lessons. At that time, you had the right to put any conditions you wished on who would ride her. Apparently you did not do so and now are bitching. Let me guess, you did this to save money because heaven forbid you pay for a horse while you're on vacation? OK, so whose fault is this again? Right. Yours. You were not taken advantage of - you made an agreement, something happened you didn't anticipate and now you are whining and blaming others. Do you think I let other people ride my horses when I go on vacation? HELL, NO.

(Side note: Vacationing in Mexico: Not an activity of the poverty-stricken.)

2. You are slandering the Lake Oswego Hunt Club which to my knowledge is a pretty nicely run facility. I wanted to board there too, when I lived/worked in Portland. It's freaking beautiful. I couldn't afford it. By the way, if the LOHC was truly responsible for your mare being injured, your parents would already have consulted an attorney and sued for the mare's value. Unfortunately my best guess is that they have no case since you agreed to let her be used for lessons and put no restrictions of any kind on the amount of use, size of riders, and whether or not she was to be jumped. (FYI, you were in Mexico - how exactly is it that you're blaming this incident on one overweight person? For all you know she got cast in her stall and tore the suspensory.)

Well number two, i dont show a ton i did some but when everyone else showed like 4 times a months i could pick only like one MAYBE two shows every two months my parents would never pay for me to do a an A rated show i was suck in the schooling show ring!

3. My heart is bleeding for you, princess. Did you know that the world is full of girls who don't even have horses, lessons, a trainer, and would kill to get to go in a schooling show?

And for our info the trailer in the background NOT MINE!!! i will never own a trailer till i can pay for it!!

4. Again, a minor point. You have already admitted you live in Lake Oswego, you ride at what has GOT to be the most expensive facility in Oregon, you vacation in Mexico - you may not think you are rich compared to some of your neighbors, but compared to the rest of the world, you are doing more than okay AND CAN DAMN WELL AFFORD RETIREMENT BOARD ON YOUR POOR MARE!

I live in LO i am super rich, NO!! i dont live on the lake in a 4 story house with all that crap yes i realize i am probably much wealthier than half the population

Amazing, there is some connection with reality here.

but my parent never owned horse and arnt in this stuff they bought the horse and we never knew we were gonna have to pay a whooping 1200 dollar vet bill!! o yah right before my birthday present show she went LAME!

OMG! Horses have VET BILLS? And that damn horse, going lame and ruining your birthday...that surely was premeditated. She's a bad horse. You should ditch her on Craigslist. (/ end sarcasm) OK, who does not know that animals can and do have vet bills, often in excess of four figures, and that is part of choosing to have an animal?

SO just lettingu know that you have no right to to comment on other peoples situation when u have no idea what u are talking about!!!\\

I know exactly what I am talking about. I deal with it every day. Your permanently crippled mare is in EXTREME danger of being picked up by some sweet-acting person who is fronting for a kill buyer. She will be in Mexico having her throat slit within a week of being removed from your property. Tell Mommy and Daddy to stick a crowbar in their wallet and send her off to a nice retirement boarding place. You can damn well afford it and you have no excuse not to do it.

PS: GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping your mare gets to live the rest of hers. Stop being pissy and start checking out retirement facilities if you want to convince anybody reading this that you're going to grow up to be a decent human being. I highly doubt your parents are going to argue with you if you say you would rather that they pay for Seray to live comfortably for the rest of her life (rather than get a new horse and pay board at 3x the cost in Lake Oswego). Whether this mare lives or dies is up to you, sunshine - time to grow up. You may think I'm old and mean, but when you're my age, you don't want to be looking back on this wondering if that Mexican slaughterhouse is how your first horse ended her life. Right now, right here, you have the power to choose her fate. Make the right choice.