Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Colin's Very Exciting Day!

All right...for those of you waiting eagerly for the surprise...

If you're in the Seattle area, tune in to KONG 6 for the 10 PM news tomorrow (Wednesday) or KING 5 for the 11 PM news and you will see a familiar face! Yes, the story of Colin's rescue made the big time and we all know who we have to thank...all of YOU! If it were up to me, each of you who donated or just cheered us on would have been standing behind us.

He was SO cute during the shoot. We turned him loose in the arena and he followed me around like a dog. If I stopped, he stopped. Just adorable!

I couldn't be more pleased, because for one thing this is going to do so much to educate the public about the fact that slaughter has NOT ended and the horses are NOT safe. I hear all the time from people who truly believe there is no more slaughter, and that's such dangerous misinformation.

It's also going to be such a good thing for people to be reminded that you can't trust people just because they look nice. This horse absolutely, 100% was going to slaughter because of someone who looked nice.

Anyway, if you're not local, I'm sure that KING will put the video up, so I'll post a link just as soon as I have it!