Friday, May 23, 2008

I think I just had a nightmare before bed!

Or at least a nightfilly!

""DEE" 2007 Cremello filly. Great conformation. She is ready to show in halter! AQHA and Palomino. Sonny Dee Bar/Zapp Deck breeding. Very nice filly, nice head. Cremellos produce 100% color, palominos and buckskins. Priced to sell! Others also for sale, lessons and training available Call Cris for more information 749-0287"

Sonny Dee Bar is spinning in his grave and denying he had anything to do with this with all the fervor of a Maury show guest who is sure he's NOT the baby daddy!

OK, seriously. How can you look at this animal and type the phrase "great conformation?" I know it's a bad picture but it's not like there's a way to stand this filly up where she is going to look a whole hell of a lot better. She's just got that FrankenHorse look all over. Nothing flows together. Nice head? Nice head? WHERE?

And again, absolutely NO effort made at presentation. Presentation counts. It truly does.

Let me give you a little example here. This is a three year old APHA filly who is in, to say the least, an awkward growth stage. But how much better does she look on the right? Only days have passed between these pictures, but she's posed better in the second pic, she's been cleaned up and her mane shortened, the picture is from a little better angle, and the saddle makes her look more compact and athletic. Which horse would you rather buy?

Now I'm not sure anything is going to make that cremello filly look better, but I guess it'd be an interesting challenge for a good photographer! (But can we spay her first? Pleeeeease? I am horrified at the thought of her producing more Kolored Krap.)

Gah....I'm trying to read my e-mail and am definitely going to have nightmares! Check out this video - fugly filly, being ridden as a YEARLING (and yes, you are right, it really IS May and there's no way this is much older than 12 months) by a small child who also crawls underneath her! The best part is their disclaimer that all of this is OK because they are professionals. Professional asshats, apparently! Didja get a degree in that?