Thursday, May 15, 2008

PNW: Cute, old and scrawny seeks place to live with good food!

A friend of mine rescued this cute little guy from one of those "but I didn't knoooooooow any better and I don't have any moooooooney" owners and thought she had a great rehab and retirement home for him. Unfortunately, he failed to play nice with the two existing horses at that home, so he has to move. (We believe this is related to the 28 year old mare being in heat, and this guy thinking he is a super big stud muffin and must run the other gelding off of her) . Video here.

Sunny is a former show horse - he's got great manners, clips, loads, ties, etc. He's also got rainrot, he had lice (we believe this is resolved), he's very thin, etc. He needs a dental ASAP and a "winkie washing" would probably be an excellent idea as well. No vices, just thinks he's Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron. (Though I guarantee he is very much gelded!) He is 28 and we believe he is a Quarab.

If anybody is in the Seattle-Portland area and would like a cute old fixer-upper, let me know. He is super perky and bright and I expect him to last for years yet - he is very far from being at death's door. A few months of proper food and he's going to be really freaking cute. He can eat hay - he does not need mush (though it wouldn't be a bad idea during this fattening-up phase). I do not believe there is any sign of previous founder, and he's been on a little grass so grass pasture is fine if you take the time to get him used to it.

Again, no donations needed at this point - just looking for a place for him to live. Usual rules apply - no barbed wire or other hazardous conditions, he needs to stay out of the mud (had scratches), site check required, etc. You can e-mail if you think you might have a good spot for him!