Saturday, May 24, 2008

Doubles as lawn furniture!

Just add a couple of stools on each side, and the whole family can enjoy a picnic lunch off of this mare's perfectly flat back!

Yes, it's an APHA mare.

Yes, it's pregnant.

Yes, I'm sure that's because it's a Kool Kolor.

And no, I don't know what kind of an idiot uses a rope halter for turn-out. I guess the same kind that breeds a mare with this conformation!

Actually, the same idiot that writes - swallow what you are drinking first, I think I just hurt myself - "Foal will be illegible for APHA Breeders Trust."

Here's another member of their broodmare band. When I talk about a bad shoulder, this is what I am talking about. Damn thing is practically vertical. This conformation doesn't make for a comfortable ride, and it predisposes the horse to lamenesses like navicular. I wish I had a closer shot but I think those feet are as small as they look which isn't going to help her stay sound, either. There is absolutely no reason to ever breed this mare. They say she is quiet and should make a good kids' horse - GREAT. Please do that with her. ONLY THAT. Then maybe you'll even be able to sell her for more than "$1000 obo." (Yes, she's on the For Sale Page.)

As I've said a million times, a pretty color or pattern is great - as the icing on the cake AFTER you already have correct conformation, good disposition and athletic ability. If you start with that and only that, these two mares above are classic examples of what you get. You're not improving the breed. You're merely reproducing defective animals that won't hold up in the long run, and I do not care how pretty and sweet you think they are.