Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More from the mailbag...

When I see the property values, it's the only time I think I want to go back to Wisconsin. Then I remember what February there is like. I do believe I'll stay here and keep renting!

I'll put some good stuff in today for those of you who need to see it after yesterday's train wreck. I love this one and you should all read it if you think you can't start an older horse o/f.
"I bought him from a dealer who had him 3 days before she sold him to me. Story was he was turned out for a year w/o food, no dental, no trims (owner might have trimmed b/c his feet weren't THAT bad). Dealer lived in the same neighborhood and got him and his pasturemate pretty much before they slipped too far downhill. His name was "Dog" and pasturemate's was "Food". I still have the Coggins with that name on it.

I went to see him in the rain, after work, tied to a trailer. I thought I'd better start at the bottom b/c if I looked him in the eye, I'd just feel sorry for him and drag him home. I had been horse-shopping for 5 months and hadn't found "the one." Anyway, his front legs were scarred, but they were old and cold scars, pretty straight, not too far over at the knee. Back legs are sickle or cow hocked--not sure which. He had no muscle, so his neck looked ewe-necked, and I was worried about his stifle.

Anyway, even though his shoulder was a little too straight for my preference, and his croup was a little flat like an Arab's, I looked him in the eye. I swear this is the God's honest truth. I said, "Do you want to come home with me?" And he broke free of my hold on the bridle and pushed me in the left shoulder really hard.

Here is the "before" pictures at the dealers in the rain (top pic).

Anyway, I'm no expert horse-woman. I've been out of the horse loop for 25 years. It took me about 7 long months to get his diet straightened out--interrupted by our 2005 hurricane season--and then began training him on my own. Well that was a disaster. It seems he missed that early on training and we had to start over. In 2007 I sent him to a reining trainer for the fundamentals, and in January 2008, I evented him BN at Rocking Horse Winter I Horse Trials under the "show" name, Dirty White Boy.

Currently, he is 15 years old, healthy and sound. He's only had one snotty nose for a couple of days and one slightly runny eye. He has never let me down. I can gallop him anywhere--he takes really good care of where his feet are going. He's learning to jump and really loves it. You can see by the expression on his face how much fun he's having."
Great job and yay for DWB on his new career at age 15!

I freaking LOVE this.

We have solved the entire Krazy Kolor Breeder problem. Let's make it REALLY COOL to have a horse with stars or other designs, instead! You can do it with the horse you already have, you don't have to breed for it (hell, you can't breed for it) and all you need is a $200 pair of clippers and time on your hands.

This pony is adorable anyway! Bet some little girl thinks this is the coolest thing ever - not sure if it was Mom or her trainer who helped out with the haircut, but I think it's darling.

From a frustrated mom, whose daughters have been drinking the Parelli Kool-Aid: "The STICK is 60 damn dollars. A free stick off the ground will do the same thing!!"

You tell 'em, Mom. EXACTLY what I say! Don't even get me started on the cow patterned barrels.

Ad text in case they delete it (on 14 hand grade pinto stallion): "May trade for better reliable horse over 15.0 hh. (Sir? NO ONE is that STUPID!) Patches is a 7 year old American Paint. Yes he is a stallion and is a brat. He has a nice coat pattern and LOVES to be fed or have treats. (Who DOESN'T?) has a problem with biting at you when you have treats. (How do you suppose he got THAT problem?) He would be a great project horse. He plows right through electric fences so no electric fences please. barbed wire or some pretty strong wood will do. (Yes, let's put our horse who runs through fence on barbed wire. Are you planning on making horse fajitas and want him pre-shredded into neat little strips?) He only likes to walk when your riding, but when your walking besides him he will trot. (I will bet he has been doing only what he LIKES for a VERY long time!) When he was at his previous home he used to be kept in a pasture with 2 other horses. He is green broke. english and western. (Sir, only walking under saddle does NOT constitute green broke!) English: jumping (Jumped out of the pasture, didn't he?) Western: potential to be barrel horse, VERY fast (yup, runs like hell therefore it's a barrel prospect...um, not so much). doesn't lunge on a line bc he doesnt wanna move (and you clearly can't make him do anything he doesn't want to do). hes kinda lazy at times and sometimes needs a whip/ crop to remind him. a very good jumper (jumped out of ALL of your fences, didn't he?) - amart alec- he jumped our 4 foot fence and ramed through the wires and 3 foot rocks (HA HA, I hadn't even read this yet - see, I'm right again. I am psychic!) . could be used for breeding or trails, companion horse/pony also. email for more details or questions." Here's my question: Why hasn't he been gelded?

An entire web site full of $500 horses. Seriously. STOP BREEDING!

Warning: Obnoxious music alert on the next one:

Entire herd for sale! Yes! You too can buy SEVENTY THREE Arabian mares, THIRTY THREE Arabian geldings and TWO stallions for the low low price of just $175,000. By my calculations, a three string bale of hay - let's say you only have to pay $10 for that in Montana, where they live - feeds 5 horses for a day. So to take on this herd, you'd better have approximately $6,500 a month to spend on hay. Not counting hoof trimming. Not counting deworming. Not counting the vet. YOU THINK MAYBE BREEDING 100+ OF THEM WASN'T SUCH A GOOD IDEA?

They actually have some beautiful horses. But clearly they AREN'T SELLING and HAVEN'T BEEN SELLING and they should have scaled back the breeding before they had so many that they are now trying desperately to dump them as a package for only slighly over $1000 a horse, despite the prices posted for individuals on their web site.

P.S. This picture exemplifies why other breed aficionados make fun of Arabians jumping. Try again or settle for a trotting picture. Please.

For those dying for an update on Petersburg Knight, aka Colin, he was adopted last night and I will be e-mailing those of you who donated about sending you refunds. :-) He will be living on a lovely private farm and have the best of everything. The goal is light trail use so if he can do more, great, and if he can't, it won't be a problem. However, his new mom discovered a splinter in his right front hoof (yes, a wood splinter) and we think that might account for most of the ouchy foot issues! He was trotting very sound this AM so I am hopeful that is it. More pics soon!