Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I wish you were one of only two places in the world doing all of this!

"Proven Spots Ranch: Home of the Exotics is one of two places in the world to focus on an all round basis of rare and exotic horses. "

Yeah. There are only two of you. I wish!

Well, where do I begin with this moron? Yes, she might be the only person who has the following at stud: An appaloosa, a falabella pony, a "Mangalarga Marchador" (WTF is that? Sounds like the scientific name of a cockroach!), an "American Indian Horse," and an Arabian. Good grief. The Indian thing is hideously fugly, although I still feel sorry for it when I look at her jumping form (pictured for your entertainment).

And it's not just her breeding program that is as diverse as multicultural day in the 2nd grade! Nope, she proudly offers "training for horses in: Endurance, Charro, Reining, Halter, Western Pleasure, and Dressage." Yeah, honey. 'Cause just looking at your riding pictures, I can see you as a dressage expert. And doesn't every dressage trainer hog tie them on the ground in the round pen?

Based upon the fact that she's been all over the FHOTD message board, even though it's obvious she's a classic FHOTD target, I can only guess she's an attention whore. OK, you win. Here is all the attention you apparently want. Allow me to quote from one of your brilliant posts defending your abusive "charro" training:

"Now back on topic--I havnt seen a charro that didnt use a whip to teach his horse to dance. What is wrong with you people? Seriously I can send you like 10 videos showing charros training thier horses to dance. And its not pretty. I do it in the kindest way possible. Someone I know for example, who does charro, had about 6 18year old+ men beating his horse down with 2x4's hitting it as hard as they could. Iv'e seen this commonly in the charro industry. Others will smak thier horse on the back (While its been hosed down so its wet) with a buggy whip. What makes you want to go after Mario and I? Arnt there more productive things to go after? Considering Mario pointed out the factors of the race tracks, rodeos, and true abuse? Why dont you protest about hog dogs? Baying? Cockfighting? Bear Baiting? Maybe protest about somthing that will change? We are obviously not interested in changing anything with the way you are treating/talking to us. You all just give attacks that arnt supported by facts that would make us want to change. "

Yes, nothing like the finger-pointing "but X is WORSE than ME!" defense to horse abuse. That's my favorite.

Honey, I don't have a cure for that much stupid. You are 16 apparently, so perhaps you will learn but it's more likely your equally moronic boyfriend will knock you up and you'll pop out 6 more little horse abusers before you hit the age of 25. (By the way, the first person who screams "how can you make fun of a CHIIIIILLLLD!" in this situation is getting their picture put on the blog...with a dunce cap photoshopped on. Trust me, your friends will give me your picture.)

As for those of you complaining about this person running all over the do have an ignore feature. Just click on her user name and click on "block" and poof her posts will be gone from your eyes. I am not going to moderate - everything else online is moderated, this is the one board that is not, and it is going to stay that way. Block the people who annoy you - simple.

In other news...
Check out this blog showing Big Brown's f'ed up feet. OMG. Please don't run him anymore until you actually fix those, and not with filler and glue-on shoes! Let the poor thing grow out for heaven's sake!

And I did ride Petersburg Knight aka Colin last night! He was great. He stands stock-still for mounting and does not move off until you ask. He didn't want to turn right at first, but once he realized that it wasn't negotiable, he was perfect for the rest of the ride. I only walked both directions as he was a little foot sore (if he hit a stone, he'd be lame for a few steps). My farrier is coming out tomorrow so we'll see what he has to say and if cutie pie needs some shoes for a while. I also need to attack the crusty mud on his legs with a hose tonight - brushing is just not going to remove that nasty stuff. He is such a nice boy to work around - and so calm!