Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rule #1: The horse should be bigger than the saddle!

An alert reader sent me this lovely picture posted on a board a friend of mine refers to as "Horsedopia." This is a 2 year old Rocky Mountain Horse that they are about to ride for the first time. Folks, if you can't find a saddle small enough to fit on your horse's back, that might be clue #1 that he has some growing up to do before you start riding him. The only good thing I can say about how this saddle fits is that it is clearing his withers. However, it's way too big for him. It's pitched forward and all the weight will be digging into his shoulders. See how far the cantle is up in the air? Then we have the too loose, totally ineffective breastcollar. Painful. Just painful.

Today's Bad Parent du Jour!

Why? Why? Why???????

Who wants to breed to my fugly grade stallions? Only $50!

WHAT is wrong with its front left? It looks like it is growing mold. Is that all scarring from the barbed wire? And why in the name of all that is holy is it still a stud?

No day would be complete without a response from a Front Page FHOTD Feature, so here you go. He is referring to this blog entry, and my comments are in blue.

"you are a very smart and intelligent person!!!! Why thank you, I agree. first of all on the ad about the two year old child broke filly. you have not a clue (about?) any history on this horse before you ran your mouth. this horse was purchased in ohio at an auction. (Where you sure as hell didn't pay the $1500 you are now asking for her. What'd she run you, $150?) she was being ridden all over the grounds by three small amish children at the same time. (And you thought riding triple on a 2 year old was such a good idea it was worth bragging about in your ad?) i didn't breed her. (I didn't say you did. I asked who did. She is a train wreck.) i felt sorry for her. i don't ride, so she isn't carrying me. she was very underweight and now she is getting plenty of good grass hay and suppliments so that she can grow properly. she is turned out and isn't being ridden. we don't forsee starting back to ride her until spring, when she will be coming three. at least she isn't on the race track, or is that acceptable for them to race at 2 years old?? (I'm opposed to riding 2 year olds period, whether it's racing or three Amish children.) i wouldn't have bred her but i can at least help her chances at life. wonder what would have happened to her had she stayed at the sale? slaughter? more abuse? (I'm all for rescuing from the auction. It's the riding her as a two year old and the positively ridiculous claims in your ad I was snarking at.) so smarty pants... instead of running your mouth, how about helping me find her a good home. (How about you price her for the market? $1500 for a conformational train wreck tobiano filly just isn't going to fly in this market. It might also help if you stop representing that she is going to mature over 16 hands and become a foxhunter. This is no more true than the idea that I am going to mature 5'10 and become Paulina Porizkova. If you want her to have a good home, misrepresentation is not a great place to start! Now, I hope that helps.)"