Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today's mystery: Gaited Horses + Idiots = Magnetic Attraction?

I seriously want to know this. Why are the most ignorant, idiotic horse owners in the world so attracted to gaited horses? It always seems that Rocky Mountain Horses and Tennessee Walkers are most often victimized by the scum-of-the-earth sector of the horse owning population.

Is that because they are so even tempered that any moron can ride them, or are there other factors at play?

I mean, WTF????


"she is 14 months old,never been road much,barn keept,brown and white"

Look at him. You just know his name is Goober. (the poor critter is owned by "Tawynia." Of course it is.)

To borrow a term from COTH, I am aghasted.

So share your tales...why do you think the poor gaited horses have to deal with this, day in and day out? Do they simply need to learn to bolt like Thoroughbreds and buck like an Appy in a bad mood in order to protect themselves? How can we stop the insanity?