Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Potpourri!

Yes, I'm trying to read all of my e-mail... you guys certainly have found the worst of the worst, as always!

Please get your horse BROKE before you attempt to pattern him on barrels. Learning to do a lead change - that would be helpful.

HYPP breeding Asshats du Jour! "Dripping with muscle"...and no doubt struggling for breath, all at the same time!

"she is a paint mare, and i am not for sure if she is bred or not. i currently have a stud out with her and i dont know if he got her. i have put a saddle on her but that is as far as i have gotten. she is pretty gental I can brush her all over and I can pick up her front feet she has never tried to kick, She stands tied very quit she does not stand there and paw the ground she will make a great brod mare for sum one."

I love Craigslist. Do you suppose I can get someone to pay me for the privilege of cleaning my stalls and picking my paddocks, too? That would be awesome.

Horse for lease - $200
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Date: 2007-12-08, 11:49AM PST

I live in Bridle trails and back to the state park on two sides of my property, so slip out the back gate into the state park Prince is a 4 year old gelding, that is not broke to ride, I can't finish him with my bad back so I need to find him somebody who can. He is about 14.1 hands leads, loads trims, lunges both directions, has had the saddle on his back with no issues, (but not a human rider) Has been out in the park for walks and loves it out there, he just need to be finished off. He is medically sound, Up to date on everything and is a really looker--$200.00/monthly fee

Your local Emergency Room thanks you for your support!