Monday, January 14, 2008

I am really getting sick of seeing horses like this

The person who rescued this horse posted on Ebay looking for donations. While I want to note that I know nothing about this person and their ability/trustworthiness, and therefore cannot wholesale endorse the idea of sending them money, the story rings pretty true to me and I would surely be willing to risk $5 on it. Debbye sounds like she has a good clue about what it will take to restore the mare to health. Her web site shows horses that are in good health and weight.

I am glad this mare got rescued. This is sickening and disgusting ESPECIALLY if she really is only 18 (I doubt it, she sure looks 25+ to me but you never know.)

"I imagine in her younger days "Princess" the 18yo Tennesse Walking Horse mare was the talk of the "Barn" with her beautiful Palomino color and kind gold flecked eyes.

Unfortunately today she was the talk
of the "Sale Barn" because of her poor condition. With a severely bent left ear and not an ounce of fat on her poor little body she could barely manage to walk through the ring. She is the skinniest horse I've ever seen.
Her owner dropped her off and left with no explenation as to why she's in this condition. Too bad it's so easy to drop of animals that are plainly neglected with no consequences.
She was purchased by a friend of mine for $30 and sent to my house for rehab. She would have definately gone to slaughter if my friend hadn't stepped in. She has a good appetite but will need dental work and special feed. She appears to be in good health otherwise and it looks like the lack of adequate feed is her only problem.
I'm hoping that some of you horse/animal lovers can help us out a little with her vet/feed bills. I received a lot of help with a previous mare "Doc Frosts Fancy" and will post some pics of her before and after so you can see how much a little help can change their lives.
Any donations will be greatly appreciated and will only be spent on her. Please help educate new horse owners on the proper care and maintenance of their horses so they don't end up in this situation. She is only one of many that has traveled down this road.
Thanks - Debbye Talamantez"

I'm going to reserve comment about stumping for $$ on ebay right now, honestly, at this moment I don't care if she stands on the street corner with a "Feed The Horses" sign if this poor mare gets something to eat. GOOD GOD who had this mare? How can anyone let a horse get this way? Yes, vets cost money but the Internet is something almost every household in America has (I believe I saw a 90 plus percent figure about that not too long ago) and even if you don't have it at home, it is free at the library. GO ON THE GODDAMN INTERNET AND FIND OUT HOW TO FEED AN OLD HORSE. It is not that damn difficult. I am so tired of seeing horses starving to death because of dental issues. It is making me crazy. Can't afford tooth floating, okay, all you have to do is feed them soaked hay pellets, at a whopping $10 for 50 lbs. Not exactly gonna break the bank, TWO PACKS OF CIGARETTES - you know a lot of these bottom-feeders smoke! These old coot horses who have served us all so well for so many years do not deserve this, but somehow I just KNOW that someone couldn't possibly cut into their cigarette and chewing tobacco budget to feed this old girl something she could eat. Selfish, selfish, selfish people...arghhhhhhhhh.

P.S. Kittens are doing well. They do need adopters. :-) They got dewormed today. More to come!