Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nothing, but nothing, is funnier than a BYB with time on her hands

Of course, they have plenty of it since, as we have seen, most of them live off of some combination of welfare, disability, and selling mixed breed puppies registered with made up registries!

Someone has taken it upon her little self to strike back at my blog with
her own blog. Now, while I know I am upping her readership far past any level she could create on her own by mentioning it, it is simply so goddamn silly that I could NOT resist responding.

Her words are in black; my responses in blue.


"Can you imagine the internal makings of her brain?"

I have an I.Q. of 149, I got a 167 on my LSAT and I'm a Mensa member (OK, it's lapsed, I have better things to spend $80 on these days). You don't have to imagine it, sweetie pie, it's all been documented.

"It has been documented time and time again that people who are mean to other people are also mean to their animals."

OK, you're confused. I think you are going for the concept that people who are violent toward animals usually escalate to violence toward humans, which is true. I've never actually heard anyone argue the reverse before. Care to name your source for that brilliant theory?

"I wonder how many kittens this bitch has drowned?"

Actually, I did several years of serious cat rescue in Los Angeles and am very well respected by my peers in that area. In fact, I went to Louisiana after the hurricane to care for the hundreds of rescued cats at the Lamar Dixon shelter. Again, well documented. I was there on behalf of Kitten Rescue, the largest 501(c)(3) cat rescue in L.A.

"She is the self made War Demon of who is right and wrong in the horse world."

What is a War Demon? Is that, like, some character from some online game that people like you get sucked into and start to believe is real? Actually I am a Wizard. A really important one, and I have decreed that you're no longer allowed to breed horses or anything else. Shazam, my will be done!

"Her intentions though are only to make herself feel better."

Why do I need to feel better? I have bred or been involved in breeding decisions resulting in three horses and none were fugly. One is a successful eventer/Pony Club mount. One is kicking ass in western riding and western pleasure - at age 15. The third was a much loved child's horse until his untimely death from a kick from another horse. I have nothing to feel bad about. I've rescued many more than I've produced.

"Not to actually better the horse world."

No, you're right. I only do this blog to piss off people like you. That's my raison d'etre. Yes, I know you don't know what that means. Look it up.

"Low self esteem, mental illness, perhaps she is a sociopath."

40 years old, no criminal record, no addictions, never had a Prozac in my life. Keep trying, honeybunch! Although I am sure that defining me as crazy is easier for you than admitting you're breeding crap horses. Hey, maybe you're crazy! You should get that checked out.

"She has hurt many innocent people in the name of "horse rescue"."

As I've said many times, it does not bother me a BIT to hurt someone's widdle feelings if it results in even ONE less low end horse being produced to live a miserable life and die in a slaughterhouse. I worry MUCH more about an innocent animal that has no control over its life than I do about some jackass who thinks it's a great idea to breed Appafriesianwalkabians and thinks that is easier than getting a job.

"Rather than be an educator, she is a hater without conscience."

Everybody hates somebody. I happen to hate BYB's and people who do stupid things with horses that destroy horses' trust, bodies, and often lives. I don't see anything wrong with that. We shouldn't simply accept all the bad behavior in this world with a shrug and a smile.

P.S. I also hate people who go slow in the fast lane. Better lock my ass up, I'm just a seething inferno of hatred!

"A sad sad existence for a human. Should we pray for her or take her out in a horse trailer for a long ride where no one can hear her scream?"

ROTFL! What a conundrum! Let me guess, you think you're a Christian, don't you? I absolutely LOVE the combination of prayer and a threat of physical injury in the same sentence. Awesome. Now THAT'S what makes Jesus love you, isn't it?

By the way, while calling someone's horses fugly on the Internet is not illegal, threats of physical violence are quite actionable. You may wish to keep this in mind in your future postings, dear "not fugly" blogger.

OK let's chat - who do y'all think this is? Which one? It spells too well to be Deneze the "fucking vet" or the lady who had the blind mare staked out in the field. Could it be the "rescuer" in Texas who had her daughter riding the foal? I seem to recall she had slightly better English skills. Let's discuss - which wacko do you think this is?

(and yes, I will work on another serious post, this was just so damn funny I had to respond!)