Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope 2008 is a great one for you and all of your animals, and that each of you sits down and really takes the time to evaluate conformation, disposition and performance before making the choice to bring another animal into this world...whether that is a horse or anything else. If this blog has helped you a little, great. If all it's done is make you laugh, that's great too! I appreciate all of you who send me Fugly Fodder via e-mail and apologize profusely for the fact that I am so far behind (461 messages, ouch) due to real life and an eeeevil, eeeevil employer who blocks my yahoo mail with Websense. ;-)

For today, I thought it'd be fun to ask who do you think is the Fugliest of Them All? (Or for breeders/owners/whatever, who is the Craziest of Them All?) Remember that you can use HTML to put a link in your comments (the a href tag) but not an image (the img tag will NOT work). I think these are my top award winners from the past year!

People who should not own any pets. Ever.

Freakiest equine type/breed group ever discovered on this blog. Particularly the obituaries.

Who could ever forget the famous Spotted Snow Yak in its natural habitat with one of its young? I have to say, I believe this is the worst of the worst for the mare/foal combos we've seen. Ever notice that the more hideous the mare or stud, the more amazingly prepotent they are? Hideousness breeds on with far more consistency than quality. It's one of the great mysteries of life!

Then there is this sad colt and his sad, sad front legs. OK the back legs are none too special either...

Who could forget the guy with the orphan colt biting his neck? Oh, so kyoooot!

Or the aptly named but sad to look at broodmare "Miss Camel?" Of course, she was in foal!

Remember this lovely animal? Talk about being put together by committee...

As we go into 2008 with a renewed sense of purpose to stop the BYB's from producing more fuglies, I thought it would be important to give you an example to help recognize a BYB. Here is just a CLASSIC example for you. This girl's had horses taken away by animal control this year, and two ordered to be euthanized...but of course, she still has horses including mares in foal! Note the badly bleached hair and penchant for camouflage and various types of ammo. The only thing missing is a Skoal can, and I believe that is under the bed. Remember this example and you, too, can spot and stop the dreaded BYB!

(People, if you don't want these pictures on the Internet, do not put them on your Myspace for all to see!)