Sunday, January 13, 2008

Seattle Area - A.C. Raid, many need homes


They're not available yet but they could become available very quickly so it'd be great to have homes lined up, whether foster or permanent. There are horses, pigs, cows, chickens, dogs and at least one cat.


A few days ago, I mentioned going out to look at some horses due to a scary Craigslist ad that made many of us highly concerned. As a result of my visit, and pictures that I wish I could show you but can't at this point, Save A Forgotten Equine rescued those horses. Their rehabilitation thread, for those of you interested, is here.

That was a week ago. Now, the property has been raided by Mason County Animal Control and there are now approximately 17 other horses available. I am heading out there this afternoon to try to look at what is left and make notes on condition/take pictures.

Speaking only on behalf of my individual self and not any other entity (I am not affiliated officially with any rescue other than the FHOTD Paycheck Depletion Fund), these people were fucking bottom-feeders (hereinafter we shall refer to them as the FBF's) and I would love to see ALL of these horses AND other animals go to good homes. If you are in the Seattle area and have space for a horse OR livestock OR pet animal, please post your e-mail to the comments along with what you can take and I will get in touch. Most of these horses do not appear to be in severe condition - they have rain rot, probably hoof neglect, but nothing like the horses I originally looked at. I believe there are also dogs (mostly Mastiff, at least one that I met is VERY sweet and just needs to be neutered), cats, other farm animals, etc. All need homes. I'm guessing everything small needs to be speutered. (It's a rescue term, look it up if you can't figure it out, LOL).

If you are set up to take a stallion (or a horse that will temporarily be one 'til he can get cut), I know there are 3-4 stallions there and I am particularly concerned for them. I don't know what Mason County's procedures are but I do know it is quite typical for animal control agencies to auction horses as they do not have facilities to house them.

I will know more late today but I wanted to throw this out there. I know many of you have done rehabs before, and we do have someone on site who is NOT one of the FBF's who can provide some information as to training levels. Some are definitely broke.

Particularly shoot me a line if you're with a Mastiff rescue. I'm really concerned - there are a ton of dogs and I do not know where they are right now but I'm guessing AC knows. Big dogs can be hard to place and I want to make sure we network these dogs with someone who understands them and can help. I do not want to see them go out of the frying pan into the medical room, if you know what I mean.