Monday, January 28, 2008

What is this, Fugly Buckskin Stallion week?

Horse Pony Welsh Stallion - $900

"Orion is a beautiful 3 1/2 year old buckskin stallion. He is 11.2 hands. He is very calm and loving. He was halter broke at a young age, leads well, does well with the furrier. Loves to be brushed. He would be a easy horse to break. Great 4-H project, kid safe family horse. We love him and wouldn't part with him, however we just don't have the time for him. He has a lot of potential and with enough time could do about anything. To good home ONLY, references will be checked. Re homing fee is $900.00."

OK, you folks do get a little credit for caring where he goes. That's all the credit you are going to get. OMFG geld this thing IMMEDIATELY. This is one of the saddest examples of a Welsh pony I have ever seen (I doubt this thing has papers, maybe you are guessing what kind of pony he is?) He is calf kneed, cow hocked, narrow as a board fence, no hip, upside down neck...the overall effect can best be described as "blech." He has NO business still having his testicles. NONE. He looks like someone shrunk Bucky from two days ago!
Again, if it's worth $900, it is not stallion quality. EVER. That should be your first clue, even if you know nothing about conformation.