Monday, January 7, 2008

What a where do I begin?

Ah, life with horses. I spent part of yesterday parked behind a broken down truck and trailer on the 2-lane road leading to my friends' farm (my theory is always that cars are insured and may be sacrificed, horses are not replaceable, so I always stop and block traffic for anyone with horses in the trailer), the next part of the day touring BYB Hell (boy is that going to be quite the future blog post...I can't share yet, but suffice it to say I think I stumbled upon worse things than the bad things I came there to see, which were bad enough...) and now I have a horse at home who is clearly on her final descent (grade 5 heart murmur, liver failure, appetite has gone away). The good vet cannot come 'til Wednesday and we really don't want to risk the iffy vet. I haven't seen a botched euthanasia yet and really hope to avoid that experience. Anybody have any great ideas for food so tempting a dying horse might eat some of it? I was thinking I'll make her a hot rice bran mash with carrot shavings in it and see if that gets her interested. Maybe some molasses too? What do you all think?

OK back to business...Today I'm going to apologize to the intelligent, conscientious, educated people who post on HorseCity, because they did the right thing and called out one of their own! There's a thread over there that started after I pointed out that HC is often the home of people who breed their totally unspectacular mares for no reason whatsoever. The following picture was posted in answer to the question of which mares HC posters had in foal for 2008:

Quoth the poster: "her last foal, her foal in 07 was supposed to be her last but unfortunaly died by no fault of hers, if this one don't make it I guess I will just have to buy one with similiar bloodlines." Well, I can't imagine how you lost a foal given that LOVELY facility. How much trash is on the floor of that barn, you lazy sloth? What are those wires on the right? Seriously, you really think this an ok excuse for a loafing shed/barn/whatever? ARE YOU BLIND?

Well, I am thrilled to note that a whole bunch of HC posters pointed out that this is a foal-killin' sort of a barn and that this mare needs some food and not to pop out any more babies. HOORAY FOR YOU. And amazingly enough, no moderators have popped up to give you the royal smackdown for being meanies. Could it be that another board is going to allow adults to have adult conversations that include the right to critique and state opinions? My faith in the Internet is restored. :-)

Now, person with the scary barn, since I JUST KNOW you will be reading this - PUT DOWN THE KEYBOARD AND GO CLEAN UP YOUR PIGSTY! Your horses deserve better.

P.S. Quincy's Keeper, I like your stud and the fact that he's still riding and sound at 21 makes me like him more. If you look at him though, conformationally he was built to hold up and that's something I harp about all the time. You can look at a horse and know if they are going to hold up or not! Soldier's Wife, lovely mare and good choice of stallion for her. SpottedTApps, nice to see your mare passing on the genes that won at a national level. Person with the mustang bred to the no comment...

And as to this:

"My Mare Molly - Belgian/QH who has never won anything and is not a show quality mare is bred to Tru Cool Splash AQHA Halter Stallion - belonging to one of our other HC buds! She produced a very nice colt for me in March of this year..The reason I bred Molly this year is because my AQHA mare Copper lost her foal last year and I was afraid to breed her back."

THAT IS NOT A REASON. Well, I guess it is a BAD reason. What are you hoping to produce that you couldn't buy at an auction for $50? Belgian/QH baby - aka PMU baby - aka dirt fucking cheap and there are assloads of them already out there. AND YOU ADMIT the mare is not show quality so WHY? WHY? WHY?

AND IT GETS BETTER. Tru Cool Splash is HYPP N/H!!! Man, the sound a 1/4 Belgian makes falling over with a HYPP attack ought to just be a fucking sight to behold. Get out the Richter scale.