Thursday, January 24, 2008

Discussion: Today's episode of As The Barn Burns

I just pulled this post off another board. The names have been changed to protect the guilty, but it makes for a good topic. WHY is there always SO much drama around horses and horsepeople? Are we all mentally unbalanced? Seriously. Why are there so many horsepeople of both sexes who never quite grow past dealing with others via the same petty nonsense they employed in the 8th grade? Is there something about horses that keeps us eternal teenagers in every way, unable to resolve differences of opinion, personal or business disputes like mature, rational adults? Discuss.

(And yes, the spelling is pretty entertaining, too!)

"I just joined this board. As someone who rode at BARN until recently I have to comment. The problems at the hunt club started last fall when the incoming dictator, I mean President, decided as his first act to fire B. Then he refused to negotiate with C and T AT ALL saying take it or leave it (the 2 things they asked for were that if they did not have lessons lined up at the club, that they could teach a client off campus and that if they had more show riders then the 6 barn could handle, they would overflow into the empty 5 barn. These we're things that had historically always been done). When the show barn people voiced their objections asshole president T said anyone who doesnt like it is welcome to get out. So out the entire show barn went. He said to my face that he was 'taking the riding program in another direction. Were not going to be a show barn anymore. We'll keep doing the one days, and local shows like the SHOW, but not the big shows anymore.' These people do not understand that they are now pariahs in the show community. J (who T likes to call our 'nationally renowned trainer' what a joke) seems to think that she is an equal to the trainers who left. Her first clue that she wasnt Queen of the May was when she went to the shows last summer and was burried in tent #2001. In Vermont this summer she shows up the first week and is in the second to last tent. She goes to BG to complain, after all she's BARN. BG says ok a lot of people are leaving this week I'll move you to another tent. She comes in the next in the LAST tent (and this is the guy who has managaged the June show at BARN for years). I also loved this summer they sent the horses to SHOW with no meds, no feed, no bedding and no water buckets. She made up for that by overmedicating some of the ponies at finals and got caught. After getting rid of the show people, T gave B's job to R who, while a very nice lady, had never managed a barn in her life. He got K as letter head, but he doesn't teach there at all (probably just as well , talk about screwing the juniors) and brought in this C person no on ever heard of who hadn't ridden in years, and who was ARRESTED last week for trying to run her husband over in her car during a domestic dispute. (FHOTD in: I am almost POSITIVE I know who this girl is - was she married previously to another A circuit trainer? Ooooh boy do I have some stories to tell if that's the same woman. And can someone give me her phone number so I can call the beyotch and demand she give back my custom made slim calf size 6.5 Dehner boots that she stole in 1991, that I will never be able to afford another pair of again?) At least C understands that the kids are not going to get a ribbon in the Eq and has pulled the kids out to do the childrens jumpers instead. I give it 5 years befor they are building houses on the grand prix feild. And in a * while Rome burns moment, they are now putting in a $250,000 ice skating rink. Well, we all have our priorities. The BARN is shot thought the heart, it just hasn't fallen to the ground yet. E is spinning in his grave. I especially liked how after they fired B, the club still thought they could use his dad's name for the "E Horsemastership program'. Ummm, T? There's no such word as Horsemastership. Yep, he really knows what he's doing...yes siree."

FHOTD back in: Jeee-zus. And for those of you who think I am always making fun of the lower income folks, this post is entirely about the higher income folks...who are just as batshit from the sound of it!