Friday, January 4, 2008

$am has a blog!

OMFG...comedy gold. Our favorite pseudo-rescuer, Samantha Milbredt Panayotopulos, the President of Columbia Basin Equine Rescue, has started her very own blog! Now, you too can learn about her very expensive private school eduation (that has, sadly, left her unable to spell Big Words like "syndicate" or tell the difference between "fourth" and "forth") and how she is "off for tea" before the farrier arrives. Perhaps with the Queen?

If I don't think about the fact that this bitch has done things like put a rescue horse that didn't work out right back on the truck to slaughter, I can just laugh at her. Unfortunately that, and many, many, many other tales are stuck in my mind forever. I understand she is trying to do something about those meanies who tell the truth about her lately, by having her attorney Toni Meacham send them threatening "defamation of character" letters. Awesome. Can't wait for mine! It'll definitely be posted here the second I receive it, along with my response!

(Don't forget to check out $am's photobucket account for pics of some ignorant cowboy with dorky sunglasses harrassing a sweat-soaked chestnut horse. Yeah, $am, you rock, you're such a horse expert.)