Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fuck Santa, we'll decide who's naughty or nice!

Several people sent me the link to Sha Farms Animal Rescue today and I have to admit, I am still trying to wrap my brain around the kind of ignorance that could have produced the content of their front page. Allow me to quote:

"Sha Farms, donated over $20,000 worth of foods to the Food Pantry last year. We donated eggs, vegetables, beef, pork, etc. Plus, any horses that have nasty habits and our trainers are unable to get them to behave, get sent out for slaughter, and the proceeds go to the hungry. "

sputtersputterchokesputter...WHAT THE FUCK, PEOPLE?!?!?! Did you just say YOU SEND HORSES TO SLAUGHTER on the same page you call yourself a RESCUE??? Holy shit! At least $am has the good sense to try to cover it up when she does that. You're so ignorant you put it right out there for all to see.

Am I a bitch if I think that I can take one look at Mary Sunshine there on the left and say that I doubt she has the training skills to determine if a horse ought to live or die? Nice job fitting that halter, BTW.

And of course, they're asking for donations on their web site. Hey, do you get a refund if the horse ships? I mean, considering your dollars fattened it up for the meat man?

When they're not sending horses to slaughter, they are displaying appalling parenting skills. What a surprise, not. Better behave, pony, that double-decker is just a phone call away!

(Apologies to the South. I know it must seem like I'm picking on you all today, and I'm not. It's just some of your residents need to be voted off the island or at the very least, prohibited from using the Internet so I don't have to find out about the appalling things they do!)