Sunday, December 23, 2007

I love you BYB's, you are just awesome!

As I read through my 431 piled-up e-mails, I came across this gem:

Problem wanting to be solved

That is the link to my worrys. This person is giving unsportsly man contact with what she/he has writen. That info on there is mine. The pictures on there are mine. I would like you to help me find a propor solution to this. I want this deleted or erased. I want this user blocked from blogspot. Please get back to me,



1. You didn't e-mail Blogger/Google. You e-mailed me. I don't have a problem with anything I've done, therefore your demands are highly unlikely to be met with any action.

2. The problem is wanting to be solved? Sweetie pie, a problem can't want to be solved. A problem does not have the capability to even know it is a problem, much less want to be solved!

3. worrys = worries
unsportsly man = unsportsmanlike? Say what?
writen = written
propor = proper

4. I am getting back to you, Niki, per your request. I have no idea which fugly or collection thereof you're responsible for, because all you provided was the link to my main page. However, I appreciate the fact that you've provided my readers with yet another example of someone who is too dumb to be involved in horse breeding and should probably be provided with a more appropriate hobby. I believe a previous poster mentioned a Sea Monkeys breeding kit that we could provide to people like you so that you could exercise your desire for creation without adding to the slaughterhouse supply chain. If you'd like to show up and post your address, I'll get one of those out to you ASAP!

Merry Christmas!