Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sometimes Craigslist DOES make me smile

Whoever wrote go, girl (or guy!)

Old horse for kids!
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Date: 2007-12-09, 11:42AM PST

i have the most wonderful 35 year old gelding, he's bred to in the purple, completely broke to ride or drive (rides double and triple even), he really does well for being deaf, dumb and blind in one eye, and that sore leg really doesn't seem to bother him when he's running, heck he limps evenly on all of them.

I'm thinking he'd be great for some kids who would ride the living heck out of him on the weekends, keep in a field with no shelter and forget to feed him on cold mornings. Only $50,000 to the perfect home.

And he'll live? Oh months at least.

"No matter how young the spirit, the warantee does run out on the parts!"