Friday, December 14, 2007

OK, who is this worthless creature?

This is from the TB Friends blog. I know it's not Joe's style to "out" the asshats - but as you know, it's mine!

So who is she? I want to know who she is, and I want her to get a whole lot of holiday e-mails from those of you who have an opinion on what she is doing. I am sure many of you do! What a worthless, ignorant excuse for a human being.

"Horse killer Manny Phelps bought these 3 yearlings from a lady in Vacaville. Every year the lady breeds her mares. And then she brags on the internet how she raises colorful and expensive babies. But no one ever wants these babies, so she sells them to horse killer Manny Phelps. A new batch of babies will be born soon. And horse killer Manny Phelps will be waiting for the lady in Vacaville to call him..."