Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Get a new hobby, already!

The other day, I mentioned that some people need to accept that breeding horses is something they are not very good at, and they need to get a new hobby. Today I'm going to post some stellar examples. If you caused something like any of these horses below to exist, I'm telling you now, YOU'RE NO GOOD AT BREEDING/RAISING HORSES and YOU NEED TO STOP!

Good grief, look at this unfortunate little creature. This is a 2 year old allegedly registered AQHA filly. She is 12.3 hands high. Crooked legged, with an atrocious topline, fuuuugly nonexistant hip, zero muscle...I mean, she honestly looks atrophied in the hind end. What the HELL happened here? The ad says nothing about her being a rescue, is the seller actually responsible for her condition? What have you been feeding this poor thing, shredded newspaper?

You know, it's not just breeding them right. Raising babies takes a lot of knowledge. I had my first weanling this year and I made it my business to learn everything I could about nutrition to ensure I didn't ruin his legs. I talked to a lot of breeders and consulted with my vet. If you don't know the first thing about why the calcium-phosphorus ratio matters, for example, you have no business raising babies!

WTF, is it a mule? Man, could this thing BE any more unattractive? Huge ears, fugly hammerhead, upside down neck with hugely developed undermuscle (what IS that weird bulge there? he looks like he has a goiter!), back at the knee...yuck!

This is allegedly a registered APHA gelding. At least he is a gelding, hooray! He's been started with Parelli Natural Horsemanship (of course he has) and just has to go along with four more since the owner is preggers! (I can never figure out the logic there...why is it I know tons of women who have babies without ever needing to ditch their horses for $300 on the Internet because of it? Hell, I have friends who TRAINED the whole time!)

The optimistic ad copy for this gelding says he's going to be quite the looker when he grows up. Um, no, he's not. He's a terribly unbalanced and strung out looking animal with a fugly hip, terrible loin attachment, upside-down neck and he's back at the knee. Overall, there's just an extreme lack of "flow" here - he is a FrankenHorse, whose different parts don't fit together at all. I would like his shoulder if we could put it on a different horse! He's not registered (guessing they won't admit to having bred this thing!), which further hurts his chances in life. He's priced at $375 but it's going to be a freakin' miracle if they get that. A classic example of "color breeding" at its worst!

Despite the horse market and despite the huge quantities of crap youngstock just like these selling all over the net for under $500, boards like HorseCity are still chock full of morons wanting to breed their unspectacular mares. WHY? They get offended if someone asks them what their mare does for a living or what they hope to produce that is not already out there for $300, but those are perfectly valid questions.

All I am saying is, do your research. Don't create something there's no market and no future for! It's a living creature! It doesn't deserve to be created just to end it's life at age 2 or 3 in a slaughter plant. Why is this so complicated? You want to experiment...take up cooking. Then when it doesn't work out so hot, you can throw it in the trash and nobody gets hurt!