Sunday, December 9, 2007

Steven Spielberg, most of you ain't...

Folks, if you are going to put video up on the Internet, please make it look professional! Video can be a great tool in selling a horse to far-away buyers, but it can also show prospective buyers that your horse is not worth wasting their time to look at - or that it desperately needs to be rescued from you.

For example, as the Frequent Reader who passed this along noted, for $35,000 she'd like something that knows its leads!

Normally I would look at this video and say, hey, green horse, green rider, they are learning, hope they have a good trainer! But not after someone tells me this was posted in conjunction with trying to sell said horse for fifty thousand dollars. What the hell? That mare is worth about $2500-$3000, maybe, and honestly needs a lot more ground work to even think about jumping. She travels around stiff as a board and that's why she's jumping like that. Jeez people are delusional about what their horses are worth (especially the East coast, ever notice that?) And if you really DO have a $50,000 horse - you can afford to have a professional trainer ride it for your video so that it looks like one!

Of course, everybody thinks they are a trainer...what about this video isn't horrifying? Yeah, let's break out our teeny baby is-that-even-a-two-year-old? with big honking spurs, a huge long shank bit and a whopper roping saddle. No wonder Cheyenne looks like she wants to kick them in the head and leave town. Can't say as I blame her!

Oh yes, did I mention everybody thinks they are a trainer? This has to be the most horrifying example ever, because she thinks she is an instructor, too. Yeek. She has a whole collection of videos posted, in case you are interested in taking off a leg wrap in the most insipid way possible.

While you all know what I think of twirling all over the horse like you're a member of the Flying Fucktards, I have to say that this is a very effective sale video that would make me want to buy the horse. The horse is a freaking saint. For $6000, she is money well spent. This is a great example of taking a horse who is average looking and not a good mover but ramping up her value substantially with good training so that she will be likely to have a good home forever. I have to give these folks credit, and I know the theatrics work on a lot of buyers...they just make me hork.

Gah! OK, enough of all that, time to go do the horsey housekeeping...hope you are all having a great weekend!