Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday's Dollar Menu Selections...

I've said before that anything that you can buy for less than $5,000, minimum, is probably not stallion quality. Today I'm going to showcase some fine, fine, fine examples of that theory.

"TRUE BLUE ROAN proven breeder of color, baby on site. 60 days professional training at two years old [not ridden in last 2 years].Check out his pedigree and pictures and decide for yourself how much he could add to your breeding program.He has true black points no white.He has from what i am told Canidien Reining Champs in his Back ground. PRICE IS negotiable."

Oh yay. A five year old fugly clunk-headed, bad-necked, tail set on like an Ay-rab stallion that has not had jack shit done with him in three years. But hey, he is a "proven breeder of color" - I am guessing based upon the baby (singular) on site.

Hey, any "Canidiens" here want to tell me if he has Reining Champs in his background? LOL...Here's what kills me. You had this horse as a stallion and you don't KNOW what is in his background? Of course you don't. You only know he is a pretty color! And now you are hoping to make a whopping $1200 selling him. Negotiable.

But hey, old roanie up there is looking darn good next to our next stallion for sale. This one's only $300! Yes, you heard right, to buy, not to breed to. This is a three year old, pony sized, unregistered Quarab...and he's a cryptorchid! Awesome. The ad says he is the DEAL OF THE YEAR. Well, if they actually get $300 for him, I agree it will be the DEAL OF THE YEAR...for them!

"Blink is a tremendously sweet, friendly 1/2 quarter pony, 1/2 Arabian. He has nice conformation, steady mind, a very nice head & eye... just a dandy, sharp looking little stallion. He would be a terrific gelding, or easy keeping stallion. Handles politely, tethers out on a long line. Ready to get started for riding or driving. The DEAL: we would love to see this great guy gelded and in a great family or home. You can either keep him a stallion, or geld him and still have a very little $$ invested. He would look spectacular on a cart or in the youth show ring - great 4- H project. We plan to have him gelded this fall...but will make it worth someone else's effort. (price will increase after gelding..or we may decide to keep him) One undescended testicle, but sired 4 gorgeous foals for us this year. Our hay supply is low/pony numbers high. Our loss=your gain...offers considered for the right, experienced home. (Note: in 4th photo, rider is quite tall and makes Blink appear smaller than he is)"

Yes, and it is only these pants that make my thighs look big!

Here's another example of optimistic marketing. These people seem to believe the mere fact that something did not hit horse height means it is an ideal hunter pony sire. Since a straight shoulder, bad "nest" (yes, it's a word I made up, figure it out, deal with it) and downhill build are what I look for in a hunter pony...don't you? This is an 8 year old by the way...he isn't going to be leveling up. But hey, only $1000!

"Veto is a very athletic horse with a good mind. He will give you that flashy hunter/jumper pony you have been looking for. Was bred to a cow horse and that filly is posted on this site, Pocos Zip to Liberty. He has never been shown and is for sale. Im getting out of ponies. HE IS ONLY PONY BY SIZE. For more info contact me at"

I will say, his filly is way cuter than he is. However I find it highly amusing that "she has had a rope throne off her." Damn, that IS bombproof for a two year old!

All three of these are stallions-that-shouldn't-be. None of them are flat out horrible and each have some nice qualities but they will make nice geldings. Only truly outstanding individuals should be left as stallions. Stallions have the ability to sire almost unlimited numbers of foals in their lifetime and truly affect the future of their breed. If we only allowed the best of the best to stay intact, we'd see such a huge improvement in every breed that it would be amazing - more correct, sounder, more athletic horses even within the first one or two generations. Unfortunately the world is full of people breeding from stallions like you see above, and that's why the world is full of mediocre quality horses with no real potential to excel at anything!