Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why do you have to be so angry all the time?

Every once in a while, someone (usually someone new) comes to this blog and asks me why I'm so mean. Why I'm so angry. Why I have to use such bad language. Well, today I'd like to show you some pictures that illustrate Why I Am So Goddamn Angry With Irresponsible Animal Ownership.

Yesterday, a neighbor's donkey broke through my friend's pasture fence, trying desperately to upgrade himself. After all, he had seen the farrier come out and do her horses, so he was hoping, quite sensibly, that if he moved next door, his own feet might get done, too! That and I think he was tired of sharing his pasture with two long-dead 1970's era Ford Econoline vans in various stages of being parted out, with parts strewn all about.

(He's clearly NOT the ass in this situation, despite the long ears!)

After Mr. Donkey had run the babies through the hot tape, which fortunately broke without causing any injuries, he was discovered trying to breed a six month old weanling filly
(awesome) and quickly haltered and removed from the pasture. Fortunately he turned out to be a lot tamer than the two bulls that have also visited from the same property, and was happy to stay restrained and filling his face with good hay for the remainder of the day.

I'd like to share these pictures with you. This is what I talk about all the time. Getting an animal without a fucking CLUE how to take care of it. Ignoring its most BASIC needs even though YOU have a NEW TRUCK and are not skimping on YOURSELF. Leaving it intact to run around the neighborhood trying to breed the neighbor's weanlings. Hey! Mr. Missing Link Shit-For-Brains Neighbor? YOU ARE THE REASON I AM SO ANGRY. YOU ARE THE REASON I USE BAD LANGUAGE. I wish a hail of locusts would rain down upon you, Mr. Missing Link Shit-For-Brains Neighbor. I hope your unrestrained, untrained herding dogs that chase the horses for fun eat you in your sleep, and I hope they start with your testicles! I hope your two mixed-breed bulls, which have also come to visit thanks to your shitty fence and amused themselves by head-butting my friends' Escalade and refusing to let her out of her own house, poke their big, sharp horns up your stupid ass!

King Asshat came and got his donkey last night and provided the excuse that "the donkey is not good for the farrier." Do you SUPPOSE that is because he is an unfamiliar with a farrier as I am with LIFE FROM MARS??? Do you think that perhaps PUTTING DOWN THE GODDAMN BEER and going outside and HANDLING HIS FEET daily might HELP???

...*sigh* Yes, Animal Control has been out and taken pictures and HOPEFULLY King Asshat will get a citation at least...which I think is entirely insufficient for the amount of suffering he has inflicted upon this animal because he is a lazy, good for nothing sack of shit. Rumor has it there is an Arabian stallion somewhere on that property. I shudder to think...and yes, I will update you guys if A.C. pursues this and we find out more.

(Please reference this post any time someone wants to know why I am so angry. I think I've covered it. If you can look at these pictures and read this story and be anything but furious, that's what I can't understand.)