Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deck the halls endless supply of lying, evil asshats!

$1,500 OBO
rawlins, WY 82301 - Dec 18, 2007
This is Jake, he is 20 years old and broke for ANYONE to ride ANYWHERE. he is about 16 hh. He is in excellent health. Is utd on shots, and just had his teeth floated. I can put ANYONE on him even my 2 year old son and let him go. He is pattened on the barrels and does well. He does not get hot when you run him. I can run the barrels and get off and put my son on him and you would never know i ran the barrels. You can rope off of him and drag things and he does not care. He wil go anywhere by the freeway by a train nothing scares him except the flash on my camera. I would like to sell him because i need a younger faster horse to run barrels on and my son is getting a pony for christmas so he does not need a big horse.

And now for the RESPONSE ad:

Ogden, UT 84405 - Dec 19, 2007
Jake-Dead broke Gelding

I am SO disappointed in you! When I gave you Jake it was in good faith that he would be used as a lesson/babysitter horse and I told you he couldn’t be run hard due to his age (OVER 20) and his knee. You told me he would have a forever home and he would be used by children. I doubt that you have run barrels on him. AND, I gave him to you for free and you’re selling him for over $1,000! And how dumb is it to be so blatant and sell him on KSL where I had him and using his name? Duh?

DO NOT SELL HIM to anyone who does not know his ability. WE MUST keep our industry CLEAN!

Former owner, I do wish you'd take poor old Jake back. I am really worried about him, because he's fallen into the hands of one of the worst kinds of horse buyers/adopters: the Lying, Evil Asshat.

The LEA takes many forms. He may be a killer buyer who comes to look at horses with his precious six year old daughter at his side, saying he is looking for a horse for her, and then puts your horse on the next double decker bound for Mexico. She may have a song-and-dance worthy of an Oscar about how she keeps her old horses forever and is just a great home, but then the horse pops up for free on Craigslist or you find out she traded it to a dealer for two minis because it needed vet care she didn't want to pay for. Or they talk about what a great "rescue" they have and you find out later they've got three dozen horses standing in mud up to their ankles and the farrier won't come out anymore because they owe so much money. The LEA misrepresents their facilities, their intentions, their finances, their riding skills and frequently their sanity level. They tell you they will make payments (and don't), they snooker you into letting them take the horse on a "lease" (and then it disappears), they tell you they will not breed the rescued mare (and then you see her on HorseCity with a fugly partbred foal the next year).

I truly hate the LEA's of the horse world. They make good owners and breeders terrified to ever sell their horses. They give the good rescuers ulcers. They create tons of work and drama as the people who actually care about the horse desperately scramble to save it. I can't tell you the number of friends I have who've done the 90 mph drive to the auction yard because one of their homebreds was there after they sold it to a "forever" home. Not once did the buyer offer the horse back or ever let the breeder/seller know that they weren't planning to keep it or that it hadn't worked out.

This kind of behavior is despicable. Now I am going to worry about poor old Jake, who is in the hands of someone SO STUPID she doesn't realize that he reacts to a flash BECAUSE HE'S A GAMER and THE TIMERS FLASH, you MORON!

*head explodes*