Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I hate to say I told you so BUT DAMN IT, I DID!

Remember my feature on the FAR Ranch in Idaho?

Well I'd just like to update. The state or the sheriff or whatever seized Crazy Appaloosa Breeder Lady's horses and took them to auction where, shazam, surprise, how incredible, they were all bought by the kill buyers. At least twelve of them, at last report. Supposedly the rest are sitting at the Lewiston, Idaho fairgrounds now. Anybody want an unbroke, unhandled foundation Appaloosa? Rumor has it there's a sale tomorrow...will post details when I find out.

Of course, Crazy Appaloosa Lady refused to the end to give any of the horses to good homes. She only surrendered them to avoid prosecution - the usual story.

Thanks for breeding those 50 horses SO THEY COULD DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH. Good job, you stupid *insert word I want to use but will restrain myself from using.*

And yeah, not thrilled with the authorities either - but somewhat sympathetic to the problem of 50 unhandled, untrained Appaloosas being dumped on them in December in Idaho. Sad all around.