Friday, December 7, 2007

There ought to be a law against breeding any of these!

This is a SIX YEAR OLD.

Oh my God!

And of course, they have her bred to a "BLACK/WHITE HOMOZYGAUS STALLION." Because you should definitely reproduce her topline! That's something the Paint horse world needs more of! Hey, maybe you can create a special market for custom saddles and make even more money. You won't get rich on her, she is only $750 or best foal. Poor, poor, poor thing. I have to say, I have NEVER seen a six year old with a back like this before! Certainly not in a stock breed! Horrifying.

Here you go, in case you need a bred mare with a hideous shoulder and no hip to go along with your bred mare with the world's worst case of lordosis, you can pick this one up from the same seller for just $1200 more!

Do you people seriously not know anything about conformation at all? I am just stunned that anyone can look at mares like these and think they need to have babies.

Oh never mind. Seeing this two year old stallion, also for sale by the same seller, it now all makes sense. For just $200 (negotiable!) you can pick up this tiny two year old whose back legs are completely broken down. He is advertised as a "western pleasure" or "trail" prospect.

Are you people smoking crack? I will be surprised if he is a "still alive at age four and able to walk" prospect.

As long as our most ignorant citizens have the right to breed animals, it is never going to end. *big sigh*