Thursday, December 6, 2007

Information on how to help equine flood victims in Washington state

Information for those who want to donate:

Pasado's Safe Haven has been called to respond to animals in need of water rescue in Lewis and Mason counties in Western Washington. According to Rita Laws, Pasado's Safe Haven's Animal Care and Disaster Relief Animal Aid Supervisor, "Boats have been made available to remove humans from homes but not the animals. We're responding to DEM (Departments of Emergency Management) calls to provide water rescue for pets and livestock."

ANIMALS RELOCATED Foster homes, shelters, and pastures are already arranged to provide temporary care of animals. The primary need as of this posting is to get the animals out of water and to provide dog and cat food, dry beds, and livestock feed.

WHAT WE NEED We do not need people at this point. The foster homes, shelters, and pasture owners will offer the hands-on care once we deliver animals to them. Since we only have one swift water boat, we cannot ask for more trained volunteers than we already have.

HOW YOU CAN HELP Please call in a donation to our feed store, donate a Costco or PETsMART Gift Card or simply donate on-line. We'll head to the nearest, open stores in the Lewis and Mason County areas. We also need to put-up our rescuers in motels for the week, pay for gas for our trucks and boat, and for food. We'll use your generous gift to support the people doing the work of angels.

DROP-OFF WELCOME! Barrier Motors (Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Volvo) has generously offered their dealership to collect dog and cat food, new beds, and food/water bowls. Please drop off at: Barrier Motors 1533 120th Avenue NE Bellevue, WA 98005 New photos will be posted from the field tomorrow.

Call Monroe Farm & Feed to donate a gift certificate for livestock hay, feed and straw Tel: 360-794-4663

Go to to donate online