Monday, March 31, 2008

Which one of them do you suppose had the back surgery?

I love Craigslist. My comments in blue, as usual!

"Extremely gentle, 12 hand, gelding, 9-10 years old. Used for pony parties but to big for me to put kids up on him. Had back surgery. (You or the pony? Keep riding him and I'm sure he'll need it!) Wonderful gate (is it metal or panel and are the latch and mounting hardware included?), loves to be petted. Prefers children and women to men. (Can't IMAGINE why.) Can take up to 170lbs. (Didn't fall down, anyway. Tough lil shit!) I jumped on just to make sure he wouldn't buck with heavier people. (Because it is easier to buck with more weight on your back!) Used to small children. Doesn't buck, kick or bite. Learning to kiss, takes food out of my mouth. (Come here so I can whap you upside the head) Will take $1,000 rehoming fee. Want someone who will let a child grow up on him and keep him forever. Call if you can give him a good home. Has had West Nile, Influenze combo, regular hoove care, wormed, and current coggins. "

Now, before someone gets their panties in a bunch and says I'm picking on anybody who's overweight, no, I'm not. I'm picking on people who ride equines that are inappropriately sized for them. If you do pony parties, one would think you could have found a conveniently located child to put on the pony for your marketing pictures.

P.S. I think that halter fringey whatsit is just about blinding the pony, also. He might prefer you didn't sell that with him!