Sunday, March 30, 2008

Entitlement Mentality Gone Wild!

"This is not a thoroughbred farm. We don't have millions of dollars," Maness quoted Sharon Clagett as telling animal control officers.


Instead of seizing animals and bringing charges, the government should help people by finding and providing hay, Maness said.

OMFG! Isn't it bad enough we've created a gazillion welfare witches in this country by handing out paychecks for breeding children you cannot afford to care for? Now you'd like to do the same for irresponsible horse breeders?

I hope both Clagetts rot in jail. Maybe they will actually learn something from the experience, though I am not holding my breath.

Repeat after me:

Horses are a luxury.

You do not have to own horses.

You certainly do not have to breed horses, and should not even consider it if you are financially unstable.

You do not have a RIGHT to own horses. Check the Bill of Rights. Horse ownership - not in there.

Acting like someone else's tax dollars should be helping feed your SEVENTY horses is ludicrous. There's a reason we have criminal penalties for neglect. Look in the mirror, you're it.