Friday, March 28, 2008

TGIF! What are your weekend plans?

Enough serious stuff! Spring is here, the weather is getting better and I'm guessing most of you have some horse-related weekend plans. What will you and your horses be doing this weekend?

I am having lunch Saturday with a horsey message board friend I've never met before IRL. I may be helping her with one of her horses in the future, and didn't realize she lived so close by until recently.

Sunday, we are toying with going to a schooling show. We have green horses that could use the experience but we also have plenty to do at home so that's still up in the air. I have been busy, busy, busy grooming the heck out of everything - most of mine are shedding enough to stuff a mattress, and I am still working on the recently-acquired OTTB broodmare's hideous fungus-laden coat. Hoping for warm enough weather that I can give her a proper bath! You know Thoroughbreds, if water touches her skin and it's under 60 degrees out, I am sure she will shake, shiver and basically make me feel like a horrible horse abuser for getting her wet. :-)

Speaking of Thoroughbreds, there is an absolutely amazing story on the COTH board that you should all read. What a horse and what a lucky owner to have the honor of having her in their barn!

I think I may start putting up a rescue horse needing a home every Friday, since it seems like a number of you are shopping. What do you think? And no, don't send them to me - I'm gonna pick and choose from what I see on the Internet. I already have 500 unread messages. This mare's been on the blog before, because she was a spectacular rehab, but I see that she is still looking for a permanent home. She is in Indiana with Friends of Ferdinand and is a 28 year old TB mare who is still sound for light riding. I have a thing for red TB mares anyway and this is a lovely, high quality mare who would dress up anybody's pasture. If you're in Indiana, and would like to know more (they have younger ones too), check out Friends of Ferdinand.

Have a great weekend, everybody!