Friday, March 7, 2008

If this is a stallion prospect, I am a high fashion model prospect!

That was the most appropriate analogy I could come up with! I will not be gracing any catwalks at 5'3 and 40 years old with a big nose and no chin, and this shaggy little critter with a straight shoulder, super short thick neck and godawful looking legs (what have you people been feeding him, he looks like the poster child for epiphysitis) is not (or at least SHOULD not) be a stallion!

Of course, they share their motivation for his purchase using the type of English we have come to expect from breeders who think this is a stallion prospect - "This guys sire and dam really done something for me- So I decided on this colt."

He ain't done nothing for me, pardner. It gets better - they go on to state "Pedigree doesnt get any better then this." Well, that is QUITE a claim, so I looked up his sire...whose one claim to fame seems to be that he is a 100% roan producer with over 200 foals on the ground.

Great. 200 foals by Mr. I Am A Pretty Color And Not Jack Shit Else. That's what the world needed! And hey, I'm sure he'll grow up to look JUST like his dad...except with a bad shoulder, too.


P.S. In case you're not into roan fugly QH's, these folks also breed Shih-tzus, Gypsy Vanners and Friesians! They have FOUR stallions. So far. I am sure every colt born to one of their mares will be "breeding quality" in their barn-blind eyes, so that number is SURE to go up!