Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weirdest horse-related injury ever?

OK, another discussion question:

What's the weirdest way you've ever gotten hurt around horses?

This came to mind because last night, I was brushing a horse and I cut my finger open on a sharp edge of the chestnut on his back leg. I mean, I really put a gouge in it and bled all over the place. It takes real talent to hurt yourself brushing, LOL! So I thought it might make for an entertaining thread to ask who else has gotten hurt in some funny/stupid/weird way while working around horses?

Oh, and just to stay somewhat on Fugly is what $3400 will buy you in Los Angeles. No, I am not kidding. Folks, if you live in L.A., come horse shopping in Oregon or Washington. The $800 you will spend hauling the horse south will be well worth it...the prices around L.A. are simply ludicrous and this Araloosa is a classic example. Straight shoulder, upright pasterns, post legged, so long he looks like two men in a horse suit...but hey! He's "natural horsemanship" trained. How did we know? :-)
If you live in one of these overpriced areas of the country, it really does pay to shop outside your geographical area. Just make sure you actually look at it before you send a check, not like these folks who got a surprise.