Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today's collection of people who need to read this blog

My comments in blue, as usual.

Free mare needs some TLC
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Date: 2008-03-06, 10:14AM MST

I have an older Registered AQHA broodmare to find a home for. she is not rideable... please don't email me asking this. She is a broodmare only. She is is need of groceries.. I got her this way and I just can't afford to feed her up.. This mare is well bred and could produce a nice foal for you. I have 2 APHA stallons to choose from and will sell you a breeding for $100.00 for this mare at the time you come get her... If this mare won't settle I will breed another mare of you choice. Please only email if you are serious and you will have to come see her in person. I do not have pictures. to a good home only

1. Why did you get a mare you can't afford to care for? Did fairies drop her off on your doorstep? Did Santa Claus stuff her down your chimney?

2. Why do you have two APHA stallions when you are broke? $100 says you don't have the money to train and promote them.

3. Do you really think a good time to breed a mare is when she's "in need of groceries?"

4. Do you even know why she's lame, and how lame is she?

5. Did you know that breeding horses creates more horses to feed and that results in having even less money?

For Sale Stud Horse~PLEASE DON'T FLAG~ - $250

Date: 2008-03-05, 11:45AM EST

I have a 4 year old stud horse that I need to get rid of ASAP. I have more pics and can e-mail to you.

1. Do you even know what breed it is?

2. Why is it not gelded?

3. $250 says it's not broke!

4. Did you really tie it to a wire mesh fence for this picture? Why yes, I do believe you did!

5. Nice roach back. Even better legs. Yes, stud quality for sure!

Stud Muffin - $1000

Date: 2008-02-14, 11:50PM CST

Small Flashy Black and White Quarter Horse Stud. No study attitude, handles gentle, lets you do anything to him you want, grooming, saddeling, bathing, follows us like a little dog. You would not know he was a stud unless he is with a mare. He is very cute and curious he would make a child a great show horse with the proper training, he would be nice guelded. We call him Rascal because he is a stinker, but in a funny way. You have to see this 4 year old full of personality to appreciate him. For more information or to visit Rascal contact Dinell at or at 314-503-7494. Please leave a message.

1. Quarter Horses do not come in tobiano.

2. I agree, he would be nice gelded. So why haven't you done it?

3. "he is a stinker, but in a funny way." $50 says they flunked Stallion Handling 101!

4. I do like to see that stallions are rideable but if this picture is the best you can do on that score, you might have been better off with a halter shot.

5. Another $50 says Rascal is not his registered name and there are no papers for this critter! Well, maybe from the Tobiano Quarter Horse registry that Dinell started with a box of faux parchment paper from Office Depot and a $45 color inkjet printer from Wal-Mart.

(Final comment, do you know how to spell your own name? I once got a cover letter and a resume where the first name was spelled differently, and no, he did not get an interview!)


Date: 2008-02-16, 9:23PM EST

This guy will be one year old in May 2008. He is very flashy. He is running wild and I do mean wild on 60 acres of open pasture located in Tellico Plains TN. He has NEVER been handled. His Father and his mother are natural rackers. He is a Heinz-57 but he is absolutely FREE! His dad is 1/2 TN walker and 1/2 Morgan. His mom is 1/4 TN walker 1/4 Morgan and 1/2 Kentucky Mountain Pleasure. He is also a natural racker and too intelligent to get CAUGHT! If you would like you may bring your own roping horse(s) and rope. The bay filly in the pic was 1/2 Arabian 1/2 quarter horse we had a guy say he wanted both but when he showed up he could only catch the bay filly. He last week called and said he didn't want to fool with him. We cannot catch him it is up to whomever decides they want him to catch him. You must bring your own halter and lead rope, some feed and you load and you haul away with your own trailer. I would like for someone knowledgeable and experienced with horses to get him. My in laws says he must go now! We had a couple say they wanted this horse they came and they brought three quarter horses he outsmarted the horses and the three men. He is very intelligent.If interested please email. Please only serious inquiry's.

1. Damn, I do not know WHAT to say to that one. I'll get a trailer and be RIGHT over. That sounds like a GOOD time.

2. I can get a registered, broke, quality horse absolutely FREE! right now. Just did about a month ago as a matter of fact.

3. May I suggest you borrow a couple of panels? You do not need men with ropes, you need a catch pen. I know this sounds just wacky to you, but it generally works better when they don't break their neck or legs gettin' caught!

4. He is not "smart." He is scared shitless because you have never gotten off your rump to teach him that human beings won't hurt him. He is having a natural reaction for an animal that is prey in nature. It is not cute
5. Heinz 57? He's more diverse than Angelina Jolie's family! Who thought breeding him in the first place was a good idea? Let me couldn't catch the sire and dam either.

AMHR reg miniature horse colt - $500
Date: 2008-02-14, 12:16PM ESTAMHR reg buckskin/ white, with 2 stunning blue eyes, miniature horse colt. He is currently about 30" tall and will mature 32-34" tall. He is 10 months old. He is correct with a good bite. Sweet boy, I must place asap for we need bill money. He is UTD on everything. I just did his, flu-rhino and evwt shots, farrier, worming and coggins was just done. I am only asking $500. Good home a must and you must have a horse or pony/mini for a companion. Thanks.

*giggling* I'm sorry, but this one just cracked me up. It's the mini-me Abominable Snow Yak! Sounds like it's well cared for, but how about gelding it before you sell it? Oh wait, you don't have any money either, that is why you MUST SELL ASAP...