Monday, March 24, 2008

More people the horse business doesn't need...

From the article:

"It used to be I could take a horse that is unbreedable, untrainable, injured or unwanted and sell it for anywhere between $200 to $700," says Sheila Harmon, who has bred Arabian horses in Eagle, Idaho, for 28 years. "Now I have to pay a euthanasia fee to a veterinarian and a disposal fee to have the animal taken away."

A ban on selling animals to a meat processor will "drive another nail in the coffin" of her business, Harmon says.

Ms. Harmon's web site is here. She has a stallion for sale for FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, yet is pissing and moaning about having to pay for euthanasia and disposal.

Sheila Harmon, you're the kind of person I sincerely hope anti-slaughter legislation drives out of the horse business. You need a new hobby, one that does not involve living creatures.

Hey, I wonder if you are the breeder who dumped my friend's (obvious to my eyes) Egyptian mare that wound up at a feedlot in Yakima waiting to become a steak? Look familiar?
(P.S. This mare is available for adoption now. Goes hunt/western, intermediate or better rider, sensitive and kind, lovely ground manners. No history of course - some asshat dumped her. E-mail me if you want info.)