Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Enumclaw Auction Report - 3/2/08

Thanks to a reader for this report. I didn't make it over there this time - probably just as well, there were a few I know I would have wanted to drag home and as I've said before, I'm at capacity at present. Check out the HUGE range in price - from $40 to $3500. The good horses are still selling well, as I've said before...although it does sound like that high seller was at the auction for a reason.

It was a particularly emotional auction for many, as we just had a very bad starvation-related seizure of horses from up in Snohomish County, and Snohomish was boarding some of the ones they couldn't find rescue space for at the auction yard. Needless to say, this was not ideal for the horses and the people who saw them were pretty much completely flipped out. These horses HAVE been moved since Sunday, and WERE all under a vet's care the whole time - the problem is, a starving foal lying on the concrete is going to freak out pretty much anybody who sees it. It would have had the same effect on me. Save a Forgotten Equine has a bunch from this particular seizure if you'd like to make a donation.
Now here is the report - again, this is from a reader so the comments are hers, not mine, I was not there. (Emphasized because I've learned people don't read and then bitch at me for stuff I didn't say)


As a side note...the back pen where they usually keep the worst horses was holding a small herd of VERY emaciated horses...most of which were a two or lower in body condition. One of which looked to be a bay weanling or yearling that was down nearly the entire time I was there...barely breathing. Myself and several others were QUITE concerned for their welfare, but after I did some digging I was informed by a COMPETENT and trustworthy person that they are part of the herd in the Elledge case that Snohomish County Animal Control and Hope for Horses is handling. For those who were concerned as I was, these horses are there for temporary holding(which Ron, who owns the Pavillion, does as a service quite often), and ARE receiving vet/farrier care as well as quality food. The young foal that was down, as well as another foal and a very thin mare were taken off the premises for onsite vet treatment last night and ARE currently alive and stable. I have asked to be kept in the loop on this one since I live so close to the Pavillion, in case they are in need of any assistance.

THAT said...down to business..I have done my best to describe each horse in looks and personality...so as to accurately depict what is selling and what is not. If I do not list bloodlines assume unknown or poor working lines, or grade (even if not stated) as I wrote down most recognizable names when read....there were probably about 10 horses who CERTAINLY would have benefitted from a lot of feed. The rest were either fat and healthy, or within reason for us being at the end of winter (if pasture kept...perhaps just a tad low on weight)...most were fuzzballs. A few had very bad feet....the rest were reasonable. Only about 4 looked to have injuries. I'd say a good 5 were OBVIOUSLY drugged...another five were possibly. I saw at least 3 I would have bought for resale projects. Many others I would have taken home just to feed and upgrade. Unfortunately with my guy in training, and on such a small paycheck it would not have been right to try to do...so I held back. I hope the few I liked were given good homes!

1- Buckskin AQHA 2yo (colt?) crooked front legs, plain head. Passed out at $1800

2-12yo Appendix mare BIG pretty mare, great minded, rode nice and quiet $1000 (this is one of the ones I'd have taken home)

3- 3yo chestnut AQHA filly, skinny w/gash on face...maybe drugged? led through $225 (wanted to upgrade this poor girl) (FHOTD in: My other friend reports this was a TB. Not sure who's right.)

4- 14 year old Pinto grade trail gelding, head tosser $950

5- AQHA gelding, 4yo broke nice little sorrel $1300

6-Reg pinto gelding, good minded but fugly $500

7 Roan AQHA colt...not real pretty, but VERY quiet and seemed to be a decent moving guy $ - not sure! SORRY!

8- Bay mare, broke $200

9-Youngish bay APHA mare, broke, quiet. $2100

10-Broke TB gelding, very tall $1150

11-Sorrel gelding, broke $650

12-Bay registered AQHA filly $125

13-Sorrel pony/horse grade, led through (small horse) $140

14-Bay pinto arabian reg Pinto and AHA good looking, quiet gelding, little close in the front, but clean legs. Decently bred! Sweet guy,,,liked head rubs $475 (this was another i'd have brought home)

15-Pinto gelding, broke $950

16-Sorrel gelding foxtrotter/QH - passed out at $450

17-Grey arabian/QH Sound, not ridden in 2y...tossed head a bit but seemed quiet $400

18-Sorrel AQHA mare...unbroke, not well bred was quiet and healthy $150

19-Mare w/ Hollywood Dun It granddaughter at side (7 days old) mare was APHA and cute, but thin and dirty, filly was very nicely put together, a solid buckskin, but seemed to have maybe slightly contracted tendons behind...both seemed very quiet minded. $700

20-10yo paint mare-trail horse, really cute, and friendly $ - missed it!

21- AQHA G broke, nice looking, a little bit spooky $ - missed it

22-Bay stud (and I'd say undescended testicles to boot...probably why not cut)-grade, fugly, and couldnt find a thing I liked poor guy...paced the entire time he was tied in his pen $40

23- Liver AQHA gelding, grandson of Sir Quincy Dan. VERY well put together, extremely quiet, and had a great walk/jog...groomed and clipped, slicked out...seemed like a genuinely kind horse...found out from someone who knows the horse later that he probably has a stifle issue as he tends to lock up at the lope and go to hopping...doesnt seem like the "nasty" type...so I would tend to agree sold to a mom and daughter for $3500

24- Appy mare...nicely built, blanket with varnishing and lots of appy traits seemed quiet $550

25- 11yo Palomino Foxtrotter...hock/stifle issue? "hopped' in front when asked to back or turn...didnt seem rude...just a learned habit from pain $350

26-Bay overo medicine hat...3yo filly...not great looking, looked sick...decent size $180

27-LOUD leopard large POA with no tail, cowy, been roped off of and trail ridden, shoot off him, solid built, cute headed, broke to death, been used as a kids playday horse $1250

28- Chestnut pony mare...VERY nicely built, super cute and quiet...they said half arabian half shetland and I think they got that right...seemed young, had been used as a leadline pony...dumped at auction...front feet had been COMPLETELY rebuilt....looked as if she'd foundered at least 2 times before.. $130 (FHOTD in: My other friend who was there also described this mare's front feet as probably resected so could also be bad WLD. I know a dealer/KB got this one.).

29-Liver TB mare, scars on front legs, seemed tender on right fore...I suspect an old low bow...but hard to tell without touching...been broodmare $200

30-Bay registered andalusian mare cute $200

31- Very cute, quiet, 21yo stallion....seemed off, person had saddle on but wouldnt ride. He seemed mannerly but did get talkative when some of Rons mares came to investigate...with some weight and no boy parts hed have been a neat trail horse $passed out at $150

32- Solid app mare, head tossing a little, claim shes a kicker but broke $375

33- AQHA filly, cute but not bred very well $NS at $150

34- AQHA mare, dam to above filly. bred to a blue roan stallion due next month...cute mare goes back to Fritz Command--give this gal credit...horses were in good condition, lost her pasture and cant afford board $650

35-Black AQHA colt, 2yo and VERY small (under 14hh) cute, head, decently built, but lots of hair and VERY short cannon bones, but quiet $225

36-Grade liver gelding, seemed pretty quiet (bought by same lady and daughter who bought the nice AQHA gelding) $300

37- grey pony, little feisty but would be cute w/some TLC $missed

37- Cute B&W overo filly with blue eyes, Barlink bred nicely built, small and unbroke. Seemed a little pushy $375

38- Palomino gelding by Goldseeker Bars...good looking guy, quiet, handy $1450 (the third I would have taken home)

39-peruvian mare, ridden through, little wild...bay $200

40-TB mare-broke but no papers, and led through, by Slewdledo $200 (FHOTD in: OK I would totally have wanted to drag this one home. That's why I wasn't there!)

41- sorrel muddy skinny gelding looked like he might be decent if taken care of $100 (wanted to upgrade this one)

42-Black TB mare HUGE, nicely built and super friendly by Slewdledo $no sale at $200


44-Palomino paint mare, cute but green $325

45-Liver chestnut broodmare AQHA $110

46-TB gelding, pony horse, rode nice, solid clean looking legs, ugly head $350 (FHOTD in: Nice to see ONE of the Thoroughbreds didn't go to kill. This is too high for kill.)

47-Flaxen grade AQHA colt 9mo old, quiet but small $100 (almost bought him)

48-RESELL palomino FT gal paid decided he was too much horse for her and wanted to resell....$325 (she paid $350)

49-9yo liver chestnut TB broodmare scars on hocks looked like breeding hobble scars, hesitant to stand on left hind. Nicely built no papers $200