Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Safe at last

For those of you who don't think there are good horsepeople involved in racing, read this.

General note: I talk about a lot of different disciplines here and the things that exist in them that I'm not fond of. If you are involved in that discipline BUT do not do those things, I didn't mean you. I do believe that every discipline has abusive individuals and abusive practices used by some individuals. I do not think certain disciplines are immune from all human bad behavior, nor do I think others are abusive and bad news for horses no matter what (with the exception of riding yearlings. I really really really do not think it is EVER ok to ride a horse before 24 months of age, in any discipline/form, and I do not ride my personal horses until their 3 year old year.)

OK, horse tripping? That's abusive no matter what. But you know what I meant.