Monday, March 17, 2008

OK, fess up, were you just trying to make the blog today?

If so, you succeeded!

"Registerd 6 YO Appendix QH mare. 16 hands.. Very sweet horse. This is a real pocket pony. She will follow you any where. I saved this horse from going to the action. (And now the poor thing is bored to death!) The person I purchased her form just could not afford to keep her. She is so sweet and a very pretty horse. I just could not let her go to action. (You sound like a nice person but just FYI, it's aUction.) So I need to find her a really good home. She was ridden by a 13 you girl (a you girl? Is that like a yes man?). Very calm horse. She has done trail riding and was ridden in the sand dunes in Mosses Lake. Not too much seams to bother her. (Don't you HATE when horses have those seams that rub you when you ride? Despite the FrankenHorse conformation, this one is guaranteed to have no seams anywhere! I think they used SuperGlue.) Help me find her a good home. I had my vet check her out and she is sound and healthy. But she is a little under weight. I can not keep her. She would make any one a great horse. I think an Intermitted rider would be best for her. (I'm sure many horses would like an intermittent rider. I know I would like an intermittent job - just as long as the pay kept on coming!) She has no bad hobbits. (She only has sweet, cheerful, friendly singing hobbits! That clean the bathroom at 3 AM! And bake cookies! She used to have evil hobbits but I had them exorcised by the animal communicator.) I am selling her for the price I paid for her. $1,200 firm Sire Raz Hug Bug Tonto Dam Plano Miss "

(I am also posting this as an example of a mare who, though "registerd," is Not Breeding Quality. In case anybody needed a reminder of what that looks like!)
I am sure she is sweet and I see nothing about her that would preclude normal pleasure riding use, so don't think I'm bashing on the horse...this was merely a case of far too funny typos to ignore!