Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is NOT the stud I'M looking for!


"this stallion comes from some big stock.the mare was 1200 lbs and the stud was 1500 lbs.he has a head full of sence and is as calm as any horse ive seen.he is double registered,AQHA, ARHA,and is a listed stud with the APHA.DNA has been done and all paperwork is in order.this boy throws big colts. "

P.S. Nice barbed wire fence.

I'm trying to figure out what is supposed to be "stallion quality" about this horse - the fact that he weighs a lot or the fact that he's a pretty color and has, um, a really long mane? What a hideous neck, fat, short, set on ugly. And for those of you who think bad front legs only exist in halter horses, check these out. What is up with his feet, do they just not trim him or has he foundered already? The stud fee is $300 (negotiable!) but hey, you can buy him for $5000.

All I can say is that he looks like he might make a nice trail gelding after the vet and a good farrier get ahold of him. That "head full of sence" might come in handy!

To update on a previous blog - Mister, the rescued stallion from the Mason Cty. neglect case a few months back, is no longer a stallion. He got gelded yesterday and is going to his new home this weekend. Thanks to those of you who contributed to his care - it was much appreciated. The funny part is, if I HAD to breed a mare to the thing above or Mister, I have to say I'd have chosen Mister! (And yeah, I'm kind of with you guys...I know I am being TOLD he is a QH, but I don't know if I believe it!)
Here's my most recent pic of him - sorry for the quality, camera phone as I was longeing him!