Saturday, March 29, 2008

Discussion: The point at which you say, he's just NOT for sale to YOU

An alert Fugly reader found this gem posted to her local classifieds:


Hi everyone,I am looking for a very cheap horse or foal! I would preferably like to bring up my own horse and train it (so nothing over 9 thats not trained) but am willing to look at something that is trained and for sale for cheap!! my price range is from free lease - $150 - $500 at max!(and a payment plan would be great as well!!) I can offer this horse a great home and lots of attention!! please no horses with lameness issues! I don't have a proffered sex,breed, or color just something that I can love and spoil!! If you think you have what im looking for please send me an e-mail as I would really like a horse before summer comes!! Thank you


You know, even if she had all of the money in the world, just reading this, there is no way any horse of mine would go there. I doubt I need to detail all of the potential problems revealed in one simple paragraph (folks, really, you are what you write...this is a classic example) know exactly what I'm objecting to here. And, as with many things, it makes for a good discussion.

For those of you who buy/sell or have sold personal horses in the past, have you turned down a sale because you did not feel comfortable with the home? I'm not talking about rescues where all homes have to pass muster. I'm talking about those of you who are in it to make money - where do you draw the line? Do you draw a line? Tell me specifically what you've seen someone do/heard someone say that made you say, I don't need the money that badly...they are just not getting my horse.

P.S. For those of you also in the PNW...OK what is with the weather? We had hail today. I got a lot done anyway but I am tired, look like something the cat dragged in and my hair is sticking straight up. I got through the Old Broodmare Deworming Rodeo (why are they all so darn beastly about it? Seriously, is it because nobody ever deworms their broodmares or what? My 23 year old was just a nitwit about it.) and tried to work with my three year old, but he had the attention span of a gnat due to the weather outside, and while hunt seat pads and polo saddles are fine, we determined that western saddle pads are vicious and will eat him. *sigh* Horses, gotta love 'em...