Monday, March 17, 2008

And a seasonal reminder

Just because I saw someone do this the other day and just about died...

It's spring. In many parts of the world, the grass is greening up and the horses are staring longingly from their sacrifice areas waiting for the moment when you'll open that gate.

If you don't want a foundered horse, you have to introduce grass gradually. You can't just throw them out there on long, green, new spring grass all day the first day! Especially if it's a horse with a history of founder (like the one I saw).

Good advice on how to gradually start your spring turnout here.

C'mon everybody - I know it is a PITA to bring them in after 15 minutes, but you want them sound, don't you? Nobody wants to spend their evening packing hooves in ice and praying no permanent damage has been done, right? So take it easy on the grass!

(And no, if they've been tearing up the one pasture you own all winter and a few sprigs of green are starting to come through the mud, this isn't about you. This is for people who keep their horses off the pastures until the pastures are lush.)