Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update: Remember the foal from the Enumclaw yard?

You may remember this shocking picture and entry on the blog. I can talk about the situation a bit more now. These horses were seized by Snohomish County and were being "boarded" (OK, what-fucking-ever) at the auction yard. When people saw them during an auction, people (understandably) freaked. They came from a typical Krazy Kolor Breeder, Jean Elledge, who was producing lots of gold and cremello Saddlebred and NSH horses and, you know, not feeding them. Like, a dead horse was lying in view of her house and she somehow, lalala, managed to go about her daily business and not be concerned about that. Here's my original blog about her.

Most of them landed in the care of Save a Forgotten Equine and most were successfully rehabbed. The County is now offering them up for placement with any qualifying 501(c)(3) but if you are interested in adopting outright, you can do so through SAFE.

The amazing thing here is the quality. Several of these horses are straight Egyptian/Al Khamsa Arabians. I have to laugh because when I saw them, my reaction was "Wow, that chestnut filly is REALLY good quality" and I was right. She is. I gotta be honest, the Saddlebreds pretty much looked like inbred colored yaks to me. (They do look better now that they have had some actual food and care.) The Arabian filly...I just went, wow, what are you doing here?

Anyway, they do need homes and if you're a fan of Egyptian Arabians, this is just a fabulous opportunity to get a horse for a fraction of its value.

#1 horse is O Bahira Majidaa AHA 597511. Granddaughter of Nabiel and The Mistril.

Her foal is sired by Wajiih El Nefous, a grandson of Thee Desperado. Her foal is REALLY nice. I have seen this filly in person and she is a little superstar with a ton of show potential. Her dam was not as emaciated as some of the others and this filly does not appear to be stunted or harmed at all...I am sure she will be just fine. She does have a hernia that needs to be fixed.

#2 horse is La Zhara AHR 481748. Granddaughter of *Ibn Moniet el Nefous and Abenhetep. She is the dam of Ella, the filly who was down in the auction yard.

I am sorry to say that while Ella survived several months after the day at the auction, and did gain weight and look much better (pictured left), the internal parasite damage was too great and her body failed. I just learned about this myself; I'd seen her a few months ago and she looked great so I had no idea she didn't make it. I am sad to hear it, but glad she received good care for the few months she did have.

This is a good reminder to all about how important early deworming is. Here is a good schedule online of when to deworm your foal and what to use. As I learned last year, orphans may need more frequent deworming! Ask your vet.

Yes, Elledge is being prosecuted. But she's a crazy old bat and I'm sure one of our idiot Left Coast judges will feel sorry for her and give her a slap on the wrist. I, of course, want to send her to that judge who put the guy on a piece of bread and a cup of tea daily so he could see what starvation felt like! (Hey, is it too late to nominate that guy for President? I'm not thrilled with either of our existing choices...)